I Copy Talents | Chapter 292 | Let Bai Shaoan Be The Leader Of The Alliance

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Chapter 292 Let Bai Shaoan Be The Leader Of The Alliance

 Silence, silence.

All the warriors in tianjianfeng square are staring at the slightly emaciated figure on the sword challenge.

Under the sunlight, the young man showed a faint smile and spoke slowly to the crazy cloud who was already under the sword challenge:

"I said, the realm you rely on is in my eyes, but it is so!"

Hearing this, all the martial arts practitioners swallowed and spat, and looked at each other. The martial arts shown by Ye Chen just now are the martial arts that wind talents can cultivate.

Xiao xueruo looks complicated and looks at Ye Chen on the sword challenge, which is also a wind talent. Why can ye Chen have such martial arts skills, but she only has a Xuan level intermediate martial arts skill, and she just has a whirlwind dance Liujian Jue.

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water. He glanced at the warriors in the square and said, "I think it's good for the Chieftain to be the leader of the alliance. Do you think so?"

Where do the warriors dare to oppose? They all nodded and said yes.

He did not stay too much in the sword challenge, and ye Chen stepped down slowly.

"Master, you are so good!"

Just left the sword challenge, Lingchuan and Lingxue went to Ye Chen's side and said to Ye Chen.

"I am the king of the six-star war. It is not difficult to defeat the warrior who is infinitely close to the king." Leaf dust is calm as water.

Ye Chen's voice is not very loud, but the hearing of all the martial artists is excellent. What's more, all the martial artists in tianjianfeng square are of high level.

Hearing this, all the warriors felt as if they had been struck by lightning.

Six star war king!

You know, this is the king of six star war!!!

They finally understand why Ye Chen can be so arrogant in the face of crazy clouds. Now they know that ye Chen is the king of the six-star war. In the sword challenge, what ye Chen said was still arrogant?

Without saying much, ye Chen went to Bai Shaoan's side and said to Bai Shaoan, "Lord, you should be the leader of the alliance."

"Good." Bai Shaoan nodded.

He knew that ye Chen was the disciple of fengcang, but he was not as shocked as the martial artists in the square.

"Ye Chen, you are the king of the six-star war. You should be the first one to the north of the Nu sea." The voice of the emperor Qianyuan is ringing in the ear of emperor Qianyuan.

Yes, all the warriors in the square looked at Ye Chen again. After the first World War, ye Chen and Kuang Yun were the first warriors to the north of the Nu sea.

Kuang Yun is not seriously injured, and ye Chen thinks that if the fierce beast riots to the north of the angry sea, if Kuang Yun can not participate in the war, he will undoubtedly lose the power of World War I.

Just in time, he also wants to see how Yunxue's healing skills are. After all, he spent most of his fortune on buying in the hunter mall.

Immediately, leaf dust let people call cloud snow.

Cloud snow came to Ye Chen's side, happily looking at Ye Chen, "master, what do you call me?"

"Go and cure the wound of Kuang Yun, the patriarch of the crazy war clan." Ye Chen said.

Cloud snow a Zheng, she naturally did not expect Ye dust will say such words to her.

"But master, I haven't treated people yet." Cloud snow white face some hesitation.

"It's OK. You have a talent for healing and a skill for healing. It should be OK." Ye Chen gives Yunxue a reassuring look.

Cloud snow smell speech nodded, took a look at the crazy battle clan leader crazy cloud, summoned up the courage to walk in the past.

On the square, all the martial arts people have some doubts. They don't know why Baiyun Xue is going to the place where crazy cloud is.


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