I Copy Talents | Chapter 294 | Destroy The Beast

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Chapter 294 Destroy The Beast

 "We belong to the sword clan." Ye Chen said to the man.

Yang Zhengwen's face showed a touch of joy.

"After the fierce beasts of Jinling mountain poured out their nests, we reported it and the adults finally came."

With that, Yang Zheng went on to say, "I'm Yang Zheng, the leader of the jinlingdi earth protection team."

"Where are the people from several towns now?"

"If you go back, people from several townships are in the emergency shelters in Heishan."

Ye Chen then said something to Yang Zheng.

He learned from Yang Zheng that 70 percent of the people in several townships died.

"My Lord, do you want to go to the emergency shelter?" Yang Zheng looks at Ye Chen carefully.

Ye Chen waved his hand, "no need, take me to the fierce beast first."

What about going to an emergency shelter? Comfort those people?

So far, the first thing to do is to eliminate the fierce animals in Jinling mountain.

"Good Lord, the fierce beasts in Jinling mountain are now in several townships. There are more than 600 of them. The most fierce beasts are senior beasts and generals."

With that, the team leader of the ground protection team quickly took three people to a place.

Jinlingdi's land protection team was originally composed of more than 20 warriors. After this time, there were only four left. They all went to the town where the fierce beast was located.

An hour later, they arrived at a town called Liuyun town.

A tragic image also caught several people's eyes.

The ground is full of broken arms and limbs, and many fierce beasts are eating the corpses. It's really terrible to see.

There are more than 200 fierce beasts in LiuYun Town, most of them are low-level beasts.

"Fierce dog, black winged insect, copper tortoise, iron armour mad cow, double headed centipede, kuijin snake."

Xiao xueruo looked at the scene in front of her eyes. Her eyes were moist. "These animals."


Obviously, the fierce beasts also found them, yelled at them several times, and then flew to them.

Ye Chen takes out the Juxing Epee from the system space.

Water, fire, wind and thunder four series talent appeared on the Juxing Epee sword.

"Split the king to cut!"

The high-level martial art of the earth level, the splitting king, was cut from the Juxing Epee sword. The four series of talent combined with the sword awn attacked the fierce beast.

In the face of such a chopping attack, these fierce beasts hit the stone with their eggs.


All of a sudden, more than 60 ferocious beasts that rushed towards them were all torn to pieces.

Yang Zheng and the four members of the ground protection team were all shocked and could not recover for a long time.

"Let's go into town." Ye Chen said slowly.

When we get to the town, we'll see the beast.

The weight of the Juxing Epee is 100000 Jin. Once it is hit, the fierce beast becomes a pool of flesh and blood.

Xiao xueruo has the talent of wind Department and snow sword, and with the wind dancing Liujian Jue, the fierce beasts are running in all directions.

Wang Ning is a sword of swallowing clouds in his hand. He has the talent of sword. His sword is full of cold and light.

Before long, the fierce beasts in Liuyun town were basically wiped out by them.

"Ye Ge, there is a fierce beast there!"

Wang Ning pointed to a place.

Leaf dust along the direction of Wang Ning's fingers to see, found a colorful fierce beast.

"Colorful centipede: fierce beast."

"Talent: high speed talent, high defense talent."

"Level: high level beast general level fierce beast."

Team leader Yang is looking at the colorful centipede not far away, "my Lord, this is the overlord of Jinling mountain, colorful centipede."


However, the colorful centipede suddenly raised its head to the sky and roared.


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