I Copy Talents | Chapter 295 | Two Towns

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Chapter 295 Two Towns

 "Brother ye, what are the colorful centipedes doing?"

Wang Ning was a little surprised. He didn't understand why the colorful centipede looked up at the sky and roared.

"A few adults, the colorful centipede is the overlord of Jinling mountain where the fierce beasts gather. It should be gathering the fierce beasts from the other two towns to come here."

The team leader Yang Zheng said to the three.

"It's just that when all the fierce beasts of the other two towns come, they will be wiped out together." Ye Chen said.

Yang Zheng and several members of the ground protection team looked at each other, just because in their opinion, ye Chen was too overbearing.

The seven color centipede, a fierce beast of the senior general level, roared up to the sky for several times, then climbed on a wall and looked at Ye Chen and others with malice.

Ye Chen is not ready to put out the colorful centipede immediately, and after confirming that the other two town fierce beasts have arrived, it is not too late to kill them.

After all, in his eyes, a high-level beast is pitifully weak.

Yang Zheng took several members of the land protection team to wait outside the town. When only two fierce beasts came, they would report immediately.

"Ye Ge, you're really amazing."

Wang Ning said to Ye Chen from the heart.

He and ye Chen stepped on the sword ladder to enter the sword clan at the same time. At that time, ye Chen climbed the sword ladder for 500 steps. His admiration for ye Chen was just like the continuous flow of the river and the flood of the Yellow River.

Ye Chen thinks that he is indeed the strongest place in the north of the Nu Hai sea, but in the nebula continent, it is nothing.

The colorful centipede is still staring at them.

Before long, Yang Zheng and several members of the earth protection team ran over quickly.

"My Lord!"

Yang Zheng and several members of the ground protection team, their faces with a touch of panic.

"My Lord, the fierce beasts of the two towns are coming!"

Leaf dust smell speech sneer a, think this fierce beast slaughtered a few villages and towns so many people, they also should pay for their lives.

It has been a matter of course since ancient times to pay for debts and kill people.


The streets of Liuyun town began to tremble.

Ye Chen looks out of Liuyun town and finds hundreds of fierce beasts rushing towards Liuyun town.

Hundreds of fierce beasts are not high-level fierce animals. It is not difficult to eliminate them at one stroke.


The colorful centipede, lying on the wall, roared again.

Not far from LiuYun Town, hundreds of fierce beasts listened to the roar of the colorful centipede, all accelerated their steps.

Black beetle, white cloud snake, cold wolf, seven legged fierce deer, copper iron boar, knife dog.

"Get ready to start."

Ye Chen said.

Yinluo, he aimed his eyes at the seven colored centipede, a high-level beast on the wall.

The colorful centipede stares at Ye Chen. The fierce beasts of the two towns are about to rush into LiuYun Town, which adds great courage to it. It will rush to Ye Chen at any time.

Ye Chen put up the Juxing Epee in his hand, and then jumped up, but in an instant he arrived in front of the colorful centipede.

Now he is the king of six-star war. A senior beast general level fierce beast can't resist his attack.

Xiao xueruo, Wang Ning, Yang Zheng and several members of the earth protection team all looked at the scene in front of them.


I saw Ye Chen's hands rise Sword down!

The eyes of the seven color centipede, the fierce beast of the senior beast, shrink rapidly. It can't stop such a blow. It wants to hide, but even if it has the talent of high speed, it can't escape the blow.

There is no doubt that the Tu Xing Epee hit the head of the colorful centipede, and the colorful centipede died instantly on the spot!


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