I Copy Talents | Chapter 296 | The Beast Went To The Emergency Shelter

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Chapter 296 The Beast Went To The Emergency Shelter

 Yang Zheng and several members of the land protection team all opened their eyes. Even the golden Ridge Mountain overlord, the colorful centipede, was killed by an adult. They could not imagine the horror of Ye Chen.

Xiao xueruo and Wang Ning are OK. After all, they have seen too much of Ye Chen's terror.

At this time, the fierce beasts of the two towns had already rushed into Liuyun town.

Hundreds of fierce beasts looked at Ye Li and others, just as if they had been hungry for ten days and ten nights, but they did not die of starvation. Their pupils were all red.


Suddenly, hundreds of ferocious beasts all rushed forward.

Ye Chen holds up the Juxing epee.

The power of water, fire, wind and thunder is on the Juxing epee.

"Split the king to cut!"

Ye Chen once again cut out of the ground level, and the high-level martial arts skill of "split the king of the earth" was killed. The power of the four series of terrifying talents flew out from the Juxing Epee with the sword awn.


I just heard a loud noise.

Hundreds of fierce animals were killed and injured, and a strong smell of blood came.

"Let's go, too."

Xiao xueruo said.

Then, the snow sword in her hand shook, and the wind talent appeared on the snow sword.

Wang Ning, Yang Zheng and several ground protection team members also joined the battlefield.

"Dark water palm!"

"Yan Long Jue!"

Ye Chen has discovered the earth level intermediate martial arts skills of Ming Shui Zhang and Yan Long Jue.

Dozens of fierce beasts became nothing.

A moment later, hundreds of fierce beasts were all wiped out by them.

"There should be no fierce animals in Jinling mountain?" Xiao xueruo looked at the team leader Yang Zheng.

"No more." Yang Zheng is not sure.

Ye Chen thought that when she saw Xiao xueruo for the first time in the outer gate peak, she thought Xiao xueruo had no passion, because her face was too cold.

Now he understands that Xiao xueruo is cold outside and hot inside.

"Brother ye, I'm still a little worried." Xiao xueruo turns to look at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen thought for a moment, "then you and Wang Ning go to Jinling mountain to have a look."

The colorful centipede has been killed by him. Even if there are fierce animals in Jinling mountain, it must not be able to stir up any storm.

Later, Yang zhenglet a member of the earth protection team took Xiao xueruo and Wang Ning to Jinling mountain.

Yang is looking at the fierce beast corpse on the street, he looks at Ye Chen gratefully, "adult, thanks to you, otherwise we don't know how to do."

Now the members of the Jinling mountain have been killed, and their faces have been greatly appreciated.

"Captain Yang! Captain Yang

All of a sudden, a very frightened voice was introduced into several people's ears.

They followed the sound to see the past, found a man running into the town, to the leaf dust a few people in front of the time, has been out of breath.

"No talent."

The man is an ordinary man.

"What's the matter?" Yang Zheng asked in a hurry.

"Captain Yang, we all want to see what's going on, but on the way, I found more than a dozen fierce beasts heading for the emergency shelter. I'll inform you immediately." The man quickly replied.


Yang Zheng and several members of the ground protection team were all shocked.

"Where is the emergency shelter?"

"In that mountain shelter."

Leaf dust along the direction of the man's fingers to see the past, he jumped on a house, and then quickly toward a mountain peak.

With the strength of Ye Chen's six star battle king, the speed of running is simply not too fast, but also can be high to high.


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