I Copy Talents | Chapter 298 | Guiyuan City Xiao Family

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Chapter 298 Guiyuan City Xiao Family

 "You, why are you so frivolous."

Xiao xueruo said then embarrassed lowered his head.

Leaf dust a smile, "say, look for me to have what matter."

Xiao xueruo remembered the business.

"Yesterday, someone from my family asked me to go home."

"Then go back."

Xiao xueruo is biting silver teeth, "but they want to force me to marry Mo Cong of the crazy war clan."

Ye Chen heard the speech and understood, "you don't want to marry Mo Cong, and you feel your power is very small, so you want me to help you, right?"

Mo Cong, of course, knew that he was defeated by him in the three big competitions, and the practice of floating island was also together.

Xiao xueruo nodded.

"All right." Ye Chen said faintly.

He thought that after all, he knew Xiao xueruo, and he would help her.

Xiao xueruo saw that ye dust agreed to come down, and her white face showed a touch of joy.

Ye Chen looks at the smile on Xiao xueruo's face. He remembers that when he first saw Xiao xueruo, Xiao xueruo's face was as cold as ice. However, since he showed his strength, the coldness on Xiao xueruo's face seems to have changed.

Unknowingly changed a person's temperament, who is going to argue with this?

Fierce animal riots have been suppressed in all parts of the north of the angry sea. There should be no more violent animal riots for a while.


Return to Yuan City.

In the north of the city, Guihai is also safe.

On the crazy mountain near Guiyuan City, there is one of the three main gates to the north of the Nu sea.

Jianzong is not far away from Guiyuan city. Ye Chen and Xiao xueruo soon arrive at Guiyuan city.

"By the way, your family should know me." Ye Chen suddenly looks at Xiao xueruo and asks.

He thought that at the martial arts meeting of tianjianfeng, all the important warriors in the north of Nu sea should know him.

Let Ye dust did not expect is, Xiao xueruo is shaking his head.

"The situation in Guiyuan city is somewhat different from that in Nu Hai City. All the major forces in Guiyun city are under the jurisdiction of the crazy war clan. At the martial arts conference, all the forces in Guiyuan city did not go, only the crazy war clan went."

Listening to Xiao xueruo's explanation, ye Chen understands.

Without much thought, ye Chen and Xiao xueruo go to the Xiao family.

Xiao xueruo was the most favored girl in Guiyuan city before she went to Jianzong. There are no few people who know Xiao xueruo in Guiyuan city.

They all look at Xiao xueruo with some consternation, because Xiao xueruo has not returned to Yuancheng for a long time.

"High talent."

"High talent."

"High talent."

Guiyuan City, like the city of angry sea, has a talent of martial arts are high talent, of course, ordinary people are also many.

Xiao xueruo takes the leaf dust to Xiao's house.

Ye Chen looks at the building in front of him and thinks that the Xiao family is really inhuman.

"Snow, snow if sister?"

Several children of the Xiao family went out of the Xiao family. They were shocked to see Xiao xueruo.

"Sister Xue Ruo, you are back." A Xiao's son's face is very excited, "I'll go to tell the owner right away."

All the children of the Xiao family all ran into the Xiao family.

Ye Chen and Xiao xueruo also entered the Xiao family.

A family like the Xiao family is a large family composed of lineage and many branches. There are many people.

When ye Chen and Xiao xueruo just walked into the Xiao family, all of them were shocked. They couldn't believe how Xiao xueruo suddenly came back.

They think that since Xiao xueruo left the Xiao family three years ago, they have never come back.


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