I Copy Talents | Chapter 301 | The Shock Of The Xiao Family

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Chapter 301 The Shock Of The Xiao Family

 Xiao Fengfeng, the leader of the Xiao family, quickly invited Kuang Zhan Zong to enter the Xiao family hall.

When all the important warriors of the Xiao family entered the hall of the Xiao family, their faces all showed a touch of satisfaction. They all wanted to see if ye Chen dared to say what he had just said when facing Mo Cong, the first day of the crazy war sect.

Xiao Fengfeng, Xiao Tong and others looked at Ye Chen, but they couldn't help being a little bit stunned at the moment, because ye Chen was leisurely eating grapes, as if he had not seen them at all.

"Ye Chen, don't you come to see the Lord Kuang Yun of the crazy war sect?" Xiaolai's master, Xiao Fengfeng, said to Ye Chen.

He really did not understand why Ye Chen could be so calm.

"You think." Leaf dust light looking at Xiao strong wind, "should not crazy cloud come to see me?"

Hearing this, all the people in Xiao's hall were shocked to the point that they could not imagine Ye Chen's arrogance.

Xiao Fengfeng's eyes spurt fire. He looks at crazy cloud and Mo Cong, but he is stunned.

At this time, crazy cloud and Mo Cong were frozen like clay sculptures. Their eyes were wide open, as if they had seen some incredible people and things.

Xiaojia hall people naturally found such a scene, their faces are all extremely puzzled.

"Mr. crazy cloud, what's the matter with you?"

Xiao Fengfeng, the head of the Xiao family, is puzzled and asks the crazy cloud.

After hearing this, Kuang Yun, the patriarch of the crazy war sect, regained his mind. He took a look at Ye Chen, but did not expect Ye Chen to appear in the Xiao family.

Mo Cong swallows his mouth and spits. He has a deep psychological shadow when facing Ye Chen. He even feels that his whole body is shaking violently at the moment.

Leaf dust a smile, he looked at Mo Cong faintly, "Mo Cong, Xiao family people want Xiao xueruo to marry you, dare you marry Xiao xueruo?"


Xiao xueruo's father Xiao Tong sneered at Ye Chen, "Mo Cong is the first genius of the fanatical warlord. Of course, he dares to marry."

Ye Chen doesn't pay attention to Xiao Tong. His eyes don't even look at Xiao Tong. He still looks at Mo Cong faintly.

Everyone in the Xiao family hall knows that Mo Cong's answer must be a Khan's marriage. After all, ye Chen can't compare the first day of crazy war sect.

"I..." Mo Cong looked at Ye Chen in horror, "of course I dare not marry."


Xiao Fengfeng, Xiao Tong and all the people in the hall were shocked. They could never have imagined that Mo Cong would say such a thing.

Mo Cong Actually dare not marry?

Yes, but why?

They don't understand, they really don't understand.

"Ye Chen, I didn't expect you to appear in the Xiao family."

At this time, Kuang Yun, the head of the crazy war clan, opened his mouth, and a wry smile appeared on his lips.

At the time of tianjianfeng, he was really convinced by Ye Chen. He was only infinitely close to the six-star war king, but ye Chen in front of him was a real six-star war king.

"Just accompany xueruo to have a look." Ye Chen said, "should you say something?"

Crazy cloud a Zheng, he does not understand Ye Chen this word is what meaning, what should he say?

After thinking for a few seconds, crazy cloud understood.

He looked at the Xiao family leader Xiao Fengfeng, "Xiao family master, you Xiao family and my crazy battle Zong's marriage engagement is over."

"Say so." Crazy cloud tentatively looked at the leaf dust, "OK?"


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