I Copy Talents | Chapter 303 | S Level Tasks

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Chapter 303 S Level Tasks

 Ye Chen went outside the hunter's hall.

He thought that he did not come to the hunter hall for some days, but the tasks in the hunter hall did challenge him.

"I hope there's a good mission."

He muttered to himself.

After entering the hunter hall, all the fierce beasts in the hunter hall looked at him in horror.

"Big brother, what's wrong with them?"

"Keep your voice down. The man standing in front of you is Ye Chen, the most powerful man in the north of the Nu sea."

The distance between nuhai city and Jianzong is too close. What happened in tianjianfeng has already spread to nuhai city. As long as the residents of nuhai city are not deaf, they all know the horror of Ye Chen.

"Ye, ye Chen, what kind of task do you want to take?"

The staff at the front desk were also dumbfounded. In any case, they didn't expect Ye Chen to come to their hunting hall.

"The highest level task."

"There's a fierce wolf in the forest of blazing wolf."

Before the staff finished speaking, they were interrupted by Ye Chen.

"That's the task." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

Then there was a voice from the voice announcer in the hunter's hall.

"Mission: kill the flame steel wolf, the fierce beast of shihelin junior beast king level."

"Location: shihailin, Beizhen."

"Task level: s level."

"Mission reward: 10 million yuan crystal."

After the voice broadcast, many fierce beast hunters in the hall looked at Ye Chen, but found that there was Ye Chen in the hall.


Although it is only a town, it covers an area about the size of an ordinary base city, with a population of more than 200000.

Fortunately, Yuanqi automobile can reach Beizhen directly.

Two days later.

Ye Chen finally came out of the Yuanqi bus station in Beizhen.

"Well, there's a junior beast king level fierce beast out of Shi Hailin. Do you know?"

"Of course I know. The crazy tiger mercenary regiment and the North Town guard team have come to the stone forest and wait for them."

"I hope that junior beast king will not attack us in Beizhen, or the consequences will be disastrous."

As soon as ye came out of the Yuanqi bus station, he heard the voice of men talking for several years.

"No talent."

"No talent."

"No talent."

Obviously, the men in front of Ye Chen are just ordinary people.

"Do you know where Shi Hailin is?" Ye Chen asked several men.

Several men a Zheng, they have looked up Ye dust, "young man, why do you ask this?"

"Oh, I have something to do with shihelin." Ye Chen casually made up a reason.

Several men heard this, their faces all appeared a look of horror.

"Young man, stone Hailin has been completely banned now, no one can go."

"It's OK. You just need to tell me the direction of Shi Hailin."

However, there are some fierce beasts in the wolf forest.

Then, several men told the direction of the forest.

Ye Chen walked slowly in the direction that several men told him. He knew from the mouth of several men that he had left Beizhen and walked westward. There was a huge stone forest, which was the stone forest.

He walked out of the safety zone of North Town and was now in the wild. He has been walking westward, but he has not found the stone forest, he has been stopped.


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