I Copy Talents | Chapter 304 | The Head Of The Crazy Tiger Mercenary Group Knows Ye Chen

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Chapter 304 The Head Of The Crazy Tiger Mercenary Group Knows Ye Chen

 "Stop, this is closed. You can't go in."

A dozen mercenaries stopped Ye Chen's way.

"High talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

The talent of more than a dozen mercenaries appeared on Ye Chen's retina.

Ye Chen thinks that the ten mercenaries in front of him should be the crazy tiger mercenary group in the mouth of those men.

"I'm a fierce beast hunter from Nu Hai City. I went to shihelin to kill the fierce beast of the rank of king of beasts, flame steel wolf."

More than a dozen mercenaries froze.

Do they think there is something wrong with this young man in front of them? A boy who looks seventeen or eighteen years old actually wants to hunt and kill the junior King level fierce beast flame steel wolf?

"Please go back immediately, or we will take measures." A mercenary said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shook his head secretly, thinking why they didn't believe him.

"I'm really going to hunt and kill the fiery steel wolf, the fierce beast of the first rank of beast king."

In order to make them believe, ye Chen said again.

More than a dozen mercenaries felt that ye Chen was dreaming because they would never dare to say such a thing to a young man whose age was similar to Ye Chen.

"What's going on?"

Suddenly, a somewhat majestic voice came to Ye Chen and a dozen mercenaries.

I saw a middle-aged man came to Ye Chen's side.

"Chief, he said he was going to hunt the wolf."

Ye Chen looks at the middle-aged man.

"Name: Lin Qiang."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: high power talent, medium defense talent."

"Realm: Ten Star master."

Lin Qiang is also a Zheng, he quickly looked at Ye Chen.

But at this point, he took a few steps backward and his pupils shrank fiercely.

"Ye, ye Chen?"

More than a dozen mercenaries were stunned. They would never have thought that the commander would call this young man an adult.

Ye Chen didn't expect Lin Qiang to know him, but he was relieved immediately. He thought that Lin Qiang should also be at the martial arts conference north of the angry sea of Tianjian peak.

"Lord Ye Chen, I'm lucky to be able to see the strength of Lord Ye Chen on the Tianjian peak of Jianzong. I'm really lucky." Lin Qiang's voice was respectful.

"I'm going to the stone forest to hunt the flaming steel wolf." Ye Chen looked at Lin Qiang, "can I go there?"

Lin Qiang quickly replied, "of course, with the help of Ye Chen, the crisis in Beizhen can be lifted."

A dozen mercenaries were stunned when they heard this. They thought Ye Chen was a bronze, but they didn't expect to be a king.

Lin Qiang is extremely respectful and ready to go to Shi Hailin with Ye Chen. At the same time, his mood is also extremely happy. Of course, he knows Ye Chen is the king of six-star war.

In front of the six star warlord, the junior beast king is vulnerable.

But as soon as they walked a few steps, two mercenaries came running in front of them. Their faces were full of panic.


"Stone sea forest fierce beast came out!"


Lin Qiang is startled, and he looks at Ye Chen in a hurry.

"Let's go." Ye Chen said.

Then, a few people all quickly toward the stone forest.

Before long, a huge stone forest came into the eyes of Ye Chen. The so-called stone forest is a forest composed of stones.



The roar of fierce beasts and the scream of human beings also began to enter the ears of Ye dust.

Ye Chen takes a close look and finds that there is a large-scale battle ahead.

There are thousands of fierce beasts!

These fierce beasts are stone armour and iron cattle!


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