I Copy Talents | Chapter 306 | The Power Of The Low Level Martial Arts

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Chapter 306 The Power Of The Low Level Martial Arts

 Lin Qiang, head of the crazy tiger mercenary regiment, naturally said this from his heart. Ye Chen is indeed the most powerful warrior he has ever seen.

All the mercenaries and the north town guards thought that ye Chen's strength was too terrible.

They even feel that ye Chen is not a person, but a devil from inferno.


Suddenly, a fierce animal's roar came into everyone's ears.

They all followed the sound.

"It's the junior beast king level fierce beast flame steel wolf!"

Ye Chen naturally saw the elder sister flame steel wolf more than 20 meters away from them.

This junior King level fierce beast, flame steel wolf, is huge and six meters long. The whole body is in the color of fire. It looks terrible.

At a distance of 10 meters from the flame steel wolf, the information of the flame steel wolf appeared on the leaf dust's retina.

"Flame steel Wolf: fierce beast."

"Talent: Fire talent."

"Rank: Junior beast king level fierce beast."

The flaming steel wolf stares at the leaf dust fiercely, from time to time sends out the frightening roar to the leaf dust.

This flaming steel wolf is only a junior beast king level fierce beast. Ye Chen can kill it with one stroke.

However, he wanted to try the low-level skills of the sky level. He was so cool when he slaughtered the armored stone ox just now. He forgot to test the power of the thunder finger. Now he can only use the flame steel wolf in front of him as the test object.


The flaming steel wolf once again roared at the leaf dust. Then it opened its mouth and a flame burst out.

Of course, the blazing steel wolf is the most common yellow flame.

Leaf dust erect a finger, the terror of the force of thunder on the finger began to condense quickly.

"Thunder finger!"

With the voice of the leaf dust, I saw a terrible force of thunder flying towards the yellow flame.


Lin Qiang and others only heard a thunder.

Yellow flame in touch with the power of running thunder, it disappeared without trace, the power of running thunder continued to go towards the flame steel wolf.

The fierce flame steel wolf, a fierce beast of the first rank of beast king, saw the terrible power of running thunder towards him. His pupil shrank fiercely. How could he avoid such a blow.


All of a sudden, the flame steel wolf in the square circle of several meters position, all fierce explosion.

And the flame steel wolf, became a pile of ashes.

It's not a split, it's really a pile of ashes.

Within the scope of the violent explosion, there were deep pits tens of meters deep.


Lin Qiang and others all opened their eyes for the biggest time in history.

They can't imagine how terrible the dust is.

With just one finger, a pit with a diameter of seven meters and a depth of more than thirty meters appeared.

Ye Chen walked slowly to the pit. What made him breathe was that the ashes of the flaming steel wolf did not fall into the pit. Otherwise, it would take some time.

He used the hunter's watch on his wrist to scan the ashes of the flaming steel wolf, and ten million yuan was paid.

Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction.

When he came back, he found that Lin Qiang and all the people were petrified in the same place, as if they had seen something very incredible.

"Big, my Lord, I think I was wrong."

Lin Qiang's voice trembled with horror.

"What's wrong?"

"You're not the strongest warrior I've ever seen, but the strongest warrior I've ever seen in my life."


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