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Chapter 307 Fierce Beast Riot

 Listen to Lin Qiang's words, leaf dust helpless smile.

He is only the king of six-star war now. How can Lin Qiang say that he seems to be very strong.

Now that the power of Beizhen has been lifted, he thought it was time to return to angry sea city.

"My Lord, are you going back?"

Wild tiger mercenary regiment leader Lin Qiang see ye Chen forgot to go back, and quickly said to Ye Chen.

"Yes." The leaf dust shows a side face, "do you still have what matter?"

"Master, you are a great benefactor of our North Town. If we don't invite you to dinner, will we still be human beings?" Lin Qiang said to Ye Chen.

Leaf dust a smile, "do not need."

With that, he left without looking back.

If you kill one person in ten steps, you will not leave a line for thousands of miles. After that, you will brush your clothes and hide your merits and fame.

In this way, ye Chen returned to Nu Hai City.

The S-level mission has been completed, and he doesn't need to go to the hunter's hall. He returns to the sword clan.

As soon as he returned to the outer gate peak of Jianzong, Bai Shaoan asked him to go to tianjianfeng.

To the tianjianfeng hall.

"Ye Chen, you are back." Bai Shaoan looks at Ye Chen.

"Well." Ye Chen nodded.

Bai Shaoan immediately sighed, "now there are signs of unrest in the fierce beasts all over the north of the Nu sea."

"When soldiers come to block, water comes and earth covers them." Ye Chen said.

"In spite of this, there is an intermediate beast king level fierce beast in beast mountain, which is equivalent to the eight star war king." Bai Shaoan looked at Ye Chen, "there is also an intermediate beast king level fierce beast in Heihe."

Beast mountain and Heihe.

This is the north of the Nu sea, the two most terrifying beast hit areas.

The overlord wild ape and the black river crocodile are both intermediate beast king level fierce animals, which are also equivalent to the eight star war king of terror and ferocity.

"It's easy to talk about the fierce animal unrest in other places. In case the fierce beasts from beast mountain and Heihe come out..."

Bai Shaoan didn't go on. He looked at Ye Chen.

Although he is the leader of the alliance, ye Chen's strength is stronger than him. Of course, he has to listen to Ye Chen's opinions.

"The equivalent of the eight star warlord." Ye Chen thought.

Although he is the king of six-star war, he is still weak in the face of fierce beasts of that level.


As long as he breaks through the seven star war king, he has the confidence to kill them with the great talent.

"I will practice, as long as I can break through, I will be sure." Ye Chen said to Bai Shaoan.

Sound falls, leaf dust walks out slowly.

"I hope so." Bai Shaoan looked at the back of Ye Chen, "now you are the only one who can save the north of the angry sea."

Cuiling lake, leaf dust to Cuiling lake began to cross legged training. Don't be too scared to absorb the vitality of the cultivation talent against heaven.

In Cuiling lake, he must break through to the Seven Star battle king.


Yuan Qi era, north of the land of Nu Hai, July 2, 2002.

Fierce animal riots in the north of the angry sea!

The fierce sea, led by the chieftain Bai Shaoan, the qianyuanmen patriarch Guyuan, and the crazy battle sect Zong Kuan Yun, launched a terrifying battle with the Northern Warlords and fierce beasts.

Beast mountain, black river, fierce beast out!

Two fierce beast kings are still in the beast mountain and Heihe River.

Hundreds of thousands of ferocious beasts and all warriors and troops to the north of the angry sea were slaughtered.

Although there were many deaths and injuries among human warriors, they also destroyed many fierce animal groups in the north of the Nu sea.

Yuan Qi era, July 15, 2002.

The black river overlord, the black river crocodile, came out of the Heihe River and slaughtered the residents of five towns. The scene was appalling.


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