I Copy Talents | Chapter 309 | Heihe King Crocodile Falls

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Chapter 309 Heihe King Crocodile Falls

 Bai Shaoan listened to the voice that made him very familiar. He quickly followed the voice and looked at it.

At this glance, his face showed a touch of joy.

"Ye Chen, you are here at last!"

Of course, all of them are far away from the city of warlords.

"Let's fight."

Ye Chen said.

Bai Shaoan nodded. The protective wall will be broken sooner or later if it goes down like this. It's better to fight out of the city.

"Decisive battle!"

Bai Shaoan drank.

Suddenly, the city gate opened!

All of them went down the outer wall, and rushed out of the outer wall through the gate.

Ye Chen takes out the Juxing Epee from the system space.


A sword was cut from the Juxing epee.

Suddenly, dozens of fierce beasts were all cut in half.


Bai Shaoan is a big drink again.

The decisive battle, the real start!

"Shua Shua!"

The Juxing Epee sword in Ye Chen's hand has not known how many fierce beasts have been killed, but he knows that his target is not these fierce beasts, but the black river overlord crocodile.

He flies to kill, no fierce beast can stop his pace.

Finally, ye Chen's clothes were dyed red, and he also got to the position 10 meters away from the black river crocodile.

"Black river crocodile: fierce beast."

"Talent: lightning."

"Level: intermediate beast king level fierce beast."

Copy or not!

Four big characters appeared on the retina of Ye Chen.


Ye Chen copied the lightning talent of the black river crocodile without any hesitation.


Suddenly, the black river crocodile opened its big mouth, and a terrible flash of lightning flew towards the leaf dust.

Leaf dust coldly smile, only you have lightning talent?

He raised his hand, and a bolt of lightning also flew out.

However, the black river crocodile is equivalent to the eight star war king, and its strength is higher than that of Ye Chen. The lightning power dissipates the lightning power of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the weak lightning coming towards him. He put up the Juxing Epee, and with one sword he cut the lightning.

Suddenly, ye Chen's hand shaking with the Juxing Epee!

I saw the five series talent of water, fire, wind, thunder and lightning appeared on the Juxing epee.

"Split the king to cut!"

Ye Chen holds up the Juxing Epee, and cuts it out.

The power of splitting King's chop is really terrible. With the power of five series of talents, it strikes at the black river crocodile.

Another terrible lightning shot out of the mouth of the black river crocodile.

However, the lightning power of the black river crocodile did not counteract the power of the splitting king.


The power of sword and five series of talents hit the huge body of the black river crocodile.

The black river crocodile immediately began to ache.

However, the black river crocodile is not dead, after all, it is equivalent to the fierce beast of the eight star war king.

But I can see: ye Chen once again raised the high-level Star iron weapon, the Juxing epee.

Martial arts cohesion: Thunder finger, splitting King chop, Yanlong Jue, crazy storm, Ming water palm.

The Juxing Epee falls down!

Such a blow is really terrible.

The black river crocodile opened its eyes and knew that it could not resist such a blow.

It wants to run, but it's too late.


The black river crocodile screamed.

A few seconds later, the black river overlord crocodile falls!

Shock, absolute shock!

Bai Shaoan and all the people watched this scene. Their eyes widened to the largest time in history, and their mouths were open enough to put down an oversized bowl.


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