I Copy Talents | Chapter 312 | Wild Great Ape

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Chapter 312 Wild Great Ape

 "My Lord, you...!"

More than a dozen warriors swallowed their mouths and spit, and an unbelievable look appeared on their faces.

Ye Chen didn't say much. He went to the beast mountain.

More than a dozen warriors looked at Ye Chen's back, and they all looked at each other, thinking that adults were too strong.

Go to the beast mountain alone to kill the wild giant ape.

"What do you say about that?" A warrior thought for a moment, "by the way, he went to battle for 30 Li, and once served as the 50th division with one sword."

"Damn you. It's clear that you've been fighting for three thousand li. You've been a million division with one sword." A warrior who hates iron is not made of steel and says to the warrior who speaks.

Ye Chen arrived at the beast mountain.

He found many ferocious beasts that inhabited.

However, in order to avoid startling the snake, he chose to find the wild giant ape first.

Their eyesight is excellent. In the night when they can't see their fingers, they all look like day.

What's more, it's the king of six-star war?

Ye Chen is standing on a big tree at the moment. His eyes are like an eagle, just like a hunter in his usual prey.

But Can't find.

Ye Chen came and went up and down. He was constantly shuttling in the tree, and no fierce beast found him at all.

Suddenly, he saw a big hole.

Is it possible that

Ye Chen thinks wild ape is in that cave?

Then he jumped out to the top of the cave.

To his surprise, there was a small hole at the top of the cave, which could let him see the situation inside.

As expected, the wild ape is really in the cave.

He thought to go directly through the hole. The black wild giant ape had a golden wind and didn't move the cicada. He thought that he would secretly die of impermanence?

After thinking about it, I still forget it.

A word directly means doing!

He took the Juxing Epee out of the system space.

Water, fire, wind, thunder and lightning four series talents appeared on the Juxing Epee sword.

"Split the king to cut!"

Ye Chen holds up the Juxing epee and cuts it fiercely at the cave top.


Just listen to a loud noise, cave It collapsed.


The wild giant ape, the overlord of beast mountain, made a roar.

"Wild giant ape: fierce beast."

"Talent: great power talent."

"Rank: high beast king level fierce beast."

Great power talent?

Ye Chen has a wonderful look on his face. He thinks that Juli's talent is one level higher than that of native talent. Unexpectedly, he has such a talent to the north of the Nu sea.

There is no doubt that he copied the talent of colossus.

From the fluctuation around the wild ape, it should be equivalent to the king of nine star war. Ye Chenxin said that it was good that the wild giant ape broke through the beast mountain, otherwise it would be over to the north of the angry sea.

This wild giant ape is five meters tall and dark. It is really heartbreaking to look at it.


The wild giant ape roared at the leaf dust, then grabbed a super boulder and threw it to Ye dust.

Is this the charm of Juli's talent?

Ye Chen coldly smiles, he used the supernatural combat power.

Suddenly, leaf dust all over the body began to emit bursts of gold.

Just now there was a sound like that. The fierce beasts of the whole beast mountain had already galloped towards here, and the duration of the supernatural combat power was only 10 minutes.

Ye Chen doesn't want to waste time!

He cut out with a sword, and the huge stone that hit him instantly turned into powder.

Then, ye Chen jumps to the top of the head of the wild giant ape, and the wild giant ape has not yet responded.

Ye Chen stabbed the head of the wild ape with a sword.


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