I Copy Talents | Chapter 313 | Kill The Wild Great Ape

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Chapter 313 Kill The Wild Great Ape

 The speed of leaf dust using supernatural combat power is too fast. How can wild giant ape react.

When the wild giant ape looked overhead, it was too late.

With a sword, the beast mountain overlord wild giant ape is divided into two parts.

This is the horror of supernatural combat power.

The duration of supernatural combat power is only 10 minutes, and there are 100000 fierce beasts in beast mountain. Ye Chen certainly will not choose to fight hard.

He jumped up and went down the mountain.

When he was about to go down the beast mountain, the duration of the supernatural power disappeared, and he was found by hundreds of fierce beasts.


Hundreds of fierce beasts all roared at Ye Chen, and then ran after them.

Ye Chen came to the foot of beast mountain.

Hundreds of fierce beasts also chased down the mountain.

More than a dozen warriors at the foot of beast mountain were shocked to see such a scene.

"Elder, is the beast mountain fierce animal disturbance?"

They looked at the leaf dust in horror, but found that the leaf dust's face did not fluctuate at all.

"No need to panic." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

The sound falls, leaves leave the hand a shock, in the hands of the Juxing Epee suddenly appeared five series of talent power of water, fire, wind, thunder and electricity.

"Split the king to cut!"

The high-level martial arts skill of the earth level, the king of the split ground chopped out.

I saw a terrible sword interwoven with the power of five series of talents, and attacked hundreds of fierce beasts.


After a loud noise, more than a dozen warriors rushed to see, but where there were fierce beasts, they only saw fragments.

This How is that possible?

More than a dozen warriors were all shocked. In any case, they could not believe it was true, but they all knew that it was true.

"Tell Bai Shaoan, the leader of the sword clan, that the wild giant ape, the overlord of the beast mountain, has been killed by me. Let him lead a team to destroy the beast mountain."


Hearing this, more than a dozen warriors took a breath. Their mouths were wide open and could not fall down for a long time.

"Let's go."

More than a dozen warriors came back to their senses. They didn't dare to stay a little longer, and ran out in a hurry.

After seeing more than a dozen warriors leave, ye Chen's face looks bored. He finds a place to sit down and wait for Bai Shaoan to come.


Sword school.

In the main hall of tianjianfeng, the three main gates are all in the hall.

"Do you think ye Chen can kill that wild ape?" The leader of Qianyuan gate, Gu Yuan, suddenly said.

"Of course, who is Ye Chen? That's the most powerful warrior to the north of the angry sea." Kuang Yun, the leader of the crazy war sect, said.

Crazy cloud is superstitious to Ye Chen now, no matter what ye Chen says, a word lick is finished.


Suddenly, Zhou Ying, the core disciple of Jianzong, came in.

"What's the matter?"

Bai Shaoan asked quickly.

All the martial artists in the hall also looked at Zhou Ying and wanted to know what happened.

"Patriarch, there are more than a dozen martial artists outside Tianjian peak. Let's talk about those from the beast mountain. We'll meet each other on important matters."

"Come on, let them in!"

Before long, more than a dozen warriors arrived at tianjianfeng hall.

"Lord Bai."

More than a dozen warriors respectfully called to Bai Shaoan.

"What's wrong with beast mountain?" Bai Shaoan asked a dozen warriors.

More than a dozen warriors swallowed their mouths and spit and said:

"Lord Bai, Lord Ye Chen said that he had killed the wild giant ape, the overlord of the beast mountain, and asked you to lead the team to destroy the fierce beasts in the mountain."


As soon as this was said, all the people in the hall of tianjianfeng could not sit still for a moment. They were shocked as much as they wanted.


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