I Copy Talents | Chapter 314 | Kill Beast Mountain

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Chapter 314 Kill Beast Mountain

 "You, are you serious?"

Bai Shaoan, the leader of the sword clan, was shocked and said to a dozen warriors.

"We don't know. It's Lord Ye Chen who said that."

Bai Shaoan sighed to himself, thinking that this is the people of the supreme temple, and he never does anything that he is not sure about.

Even the wild giant ape, which is equivalent to the king of the nine star war, was killed. He could not find any more than the word "terror".

"Ha ha! I'll say ye Chen must be able to kill the wild giant ape. You don't believe it. "

Kuang Yun, the leader of the crazy battle sect, burst out a burst of proud laughter, as if he had killed the wild ape.

"Alliance leader, what are you waiting for? Let's gather people and horses and go to beast mountain." The patriarch of the Qianyuan clan, Gu Yuan, said to Bai Shaoan.

Bai Shaoan nodded and immediately ordered.

Two days later.

Bai Shaoan finally took a large group of men and horses to the foot of beast mountain.

He saw the leaf dust at a glance, and it was sleeping on a tree.

"Here you are."

Bai Shaoan just wants to talk, but ye Chen is the first to open his mouth.

Ye Chen jumped down from the tree, and a lazy look appeared on his face and said slowly:

"let's go to the beast mountain."

The sound falls, the leaf dust made a yawn, then walked toward the beast mountain.

All the warriors looked at each other and thought about ye Chen's calm. After killing the wild giant ape, the overlord of the beast mountain, he didn't share such joy?

And how did he do that?

They don't know. They really don't know.

The beast mountain without the wild ape is like losing the backbone. Although the number of fierce beasts is large, it can no longer resist the attack of human warriors.

It can be said that the wild giant ape is the giant white jade pillar of the beast mountain and the purple gold beam of the sea.

Three days later.

Beast mountain fierce beast is annihilated!

Everyone's face all appeared the intense excitement, only because the two big fierce beast disaster area north of the angry sea, the fierce beast of Heihe River and beast mountain have all perished.

At this point, they have no fierce beast to the north of the angry sea to threaten them.

Of course, it is up to one person to make such a situation happen.

All the people looked at Ye Chen. They found that ye Chen's face was still calm like water, just like the fierce beast who had destroyed the Heihe River and the beast mountain was just doing a trivial thing.

Such people Destined to be the protagonist of heaven and earth.


They returned to the sword school.

Ye Chen stayed in waimenfeng for a few days, but he didn't feel interesting, so he came to the wild.

A dozen warriors appeared in front of him as he passed a forest path. All of the more than a dozen martial arts men are strong and fierce. They can see that they are not good people.

"High talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

The talent information of more than a dozen warriors appeared in Ye Chen's retina.

"Who are you?"

Ye Chen glanced at more than a dozen warriors and asked.

More than a dozen soldiers gave a cold smile.

"We are organized by the blood wolf. Give all the valuable things to you."

Ye Chen didn't expect that there were bandits in the world full of fierce animals.


It's kind of interesting.

"I don't have anything of value on me." Ye Chen looked at more than a dozen warriors, "if there is one, it's this sword."

Yinluo, ye Chen takes the Juxing Epee from the back.


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