I Copy Talents | Chapter 317 | A Blow Of The Great Power Talent

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Chapter 317 A Blow Of The Great Power Talent

 Ye Chen raised his fist.

At the beginning of the great power of the power.


Ye Chen punches out fiercely.

All of a sudden, the invisible force of terror on the fist flew out, and the speed was extremely fast.

More than 20 men felt the power of terror towards them, but they could not see what kind of martial arts was attacking them.


In an instant, more than 20 men all flew out and fell heavily on the ground. Their internal organs were all shattered by the talent of giant force.

It's all dead.

How could it be!

Qin Gang looked at such a scene, he could not help but backward three steps, scared out of his wits.

If he had known that ye Chen was so terrible, he would not even want the ascension stone, and he would have run away.

"You, you!"

Qin Gang where can also say a complete word to ah, looking at the leaf dust, the whole body can not stop shaking.

"Come here." Ye Chen waved to Qin Gang, "take the lifting stone."

"Big, Lord, give you the ascension stone, will you let me go?"


Ye Chen sneered, "do you think you still have the qualification to talk about conditions with me so far?"

"If I want to kill you, I can kill you a thousand times in an instant." A look of sarcasm appeared on Ye Chen's face.

Qin just swallows the mouth to spit, he is terrified unceasingly toward the leaf dust to walk past, the ascension stone in the bosom has already taken out.

Finally, Qin Gang came to Ye Chen's body.

Qin Gang handed the lifting stone in his hand to Ye Chen, "Lord, upgrade stone."

Ye Chen looks at the black iron stone in Qin Gang's hand. He takes it and puts it into the system space.

"Tell me, where is the blood wolf organization?"

"If you go back to your adult, you'll be in Mount Paoma."

Of course, ye Chen has never heard of Paoma mountain, but it is easy for him to find Paoma mountain.

"My Lord, I've finished what I have to say. Can you let me go, please."

Qin Gang's face appeared deep begging color.

Leaf dust a smile, he looks at Qin Gang, "your head is good."

The sound falls, leaf dust right hand becomes claw, put on Qin Gang's head.


Qin Gang did not react at all, a skull cracked voice then spread out.

Qin Gang's eyes were wide open, and he was already dead.

Paoma mountain?

Ye Chen smiles, thinking that the evil organizations are all in the wild. He can see if there are any villages and towns around him. Go and ask.

Half an hour later, ye Chen really found a village.

The village is not big. The people in it are ordinary people without cultivation talent, but their bodies are extremely strong. Every family has bows and arrows, hunting guns, and it seems that they are all hunters.

After ye Chen entered the village, all the villagers watched him with vigilance, and soon surrounded him.

"Say, are you a member of the blood wolf organization?"

An old man stared at the leaf dust and said in a cold voice.

Leaf dust smell speech secretly smile, thinking that since the old man can say such words, it proves that he knows where the blood wolf organization is.

"Uncle, what's the point?"

The old man and the villagers were stunned, thinking that the blood wolf organization was arrogant and despotic. The young man who looked rich in gods and jade was so polite.

"You're not from the blood wolf organization." The old man sighed.


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