I Copy Talents | Chapter 318 | The Heavy Sword On The Back Of The Warrior

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Chapter 318 The Heavy Sword On The Back Of The Warrior

 The old man was the head of Xiaoshi village. His name was song San.

There are no fierce animals in Xiaoshi village and the surrounding villages, only some wild animals. They hunt and kill wild animals to support their families.

But the tax of blood wolf organization is too high, 1000 yuan crystal will charge 800 yuan crystal, which makes them miserable.

Tomorrow is the day to pay taxes. They think that the blood wolf organization has come to collect taxes ahead of time, so they think ye Chen is the person of the blood wolf organization.

Hearing this, ye Chen understood.

"Oh, it's all there."

Suddenly, an arrogant voice appeared in people's ears.

Ye Chen and the villagers followed the sound and looked over.

A middle-aged man with a dog's head and a toad face and a bit more horizontal than a rabbit tail dog came up. The middle-aged man looks extremely ugly and disgusting.

"It's Ma Wu."

Ma Wu is the person who is specially responsible for collecting taxes in Xiaoshi village.

"Name: Ma Wu."

"Cultivation talent: medium."

"Hidden talent: secondary defense talent."

"Realm: Master of three stars."

Ma Wu's talent and realm information appeared in Ye Chen's eyes.

"I'll collect the tax one day ahead of time this month. Give it to me."

Ma Wu disdained to look at the villagers said.


Ma Wu suddenly a Zheng, he looked up and down leaf dust, "have not seen you before, you are also small stone village?"

"No Leaf dust shook his head.

"No matter whether it is or not, in short, all the meta crystals in the body are handed over." Ma Wu complacent smile, "still carry a sword, don't know still thought is sword clan."

Ye Chen smiles.

Ma Wu saw that ye Chen could still laugh, and immediately became angry.

"Boy, I want you to hand over all the Yuan Jing in your body..."

Ma Wu's words have not finished, he will never have a chance to go on, because his skull and Qin Gang, are broken.


The villagers of Xiaoshi village were shocked when they saw this scene.

"You, are you a warrior?"

Song San, head of Xiaoshi village, looks at Ye Chen and says.

All the villagers were shocked. We should know that Ma Wu was a powerful warrior. He was killed by one blow. We can imagine Ye Chen's strength.

"I'm here to eliminate the blood wolf organization." Ye Chen said.

All the villagers in Xiaoshi village were stunned when they heard the speech.

You know, there are hundreds of blood wolf organizations.

"Tell me the exact location of Mount Paoma." Ye Chen said slowly.

All the villagers in Xiaoshi village are ordinary people. The martial arts people can't even look up to them. They dare not hide it. They quickly tell Ye Chen the location of Paoma mountain.

"Master Wu, there is mount Paoma."

Song San pointed to a mountain and said.

After seeing the mountain, ye Chen said goodbye to the villagers of Xiaoshi village, and then went to Paoma mountain.

"Villagers, it seems that the elder warrior is not very old. There are so many people in the blood wolf organization. I think..."

One of the villagers did not finish his words, but the meaning of the following is self-evident.

"I also think that martial arts adults can not eliminate the blood wolf organization, after all, the blood wolf organization is too powerful." Another village name echoed.

Song San, the village head, did not speak because his pupils shrank violently, as if he had thought of something.

"You, did you notice the Epee on the back of the warrior

The villagers didn't understand what the village head meant, but they were shocked because they thought of something.

During the battle for the protection of the city of Nu Hai, ye Chen's deeds of killing the black river's overlord, the black river crocodile, with the Juxing Epee, has spread all over the north of the Nu sea.

"Village head, do you mean that the warrior is the most powerful Ye Chen to the north of the Nu sea?"


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