I Copy Talents | Chapter 319 | Come To The Blood Wolf Organization

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Chapter 319 Come To The Blood Wolf Organization

 Before long, ye Chen came to the mountain peak pointed by song San, the head of Xiaoshi village.

This mountain is called Paoma mountain, where the blood wolf organization is located.

Ye Chen went to the outside of Mount Paoma.

More than a dozen warriors of blood wolf organization found him, and they went to Ye Chen's body.

"Who are you?"

A five-star master stares at Ye Chen.

"High talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

The talent of more than ten blood wolf organization warriors appeared on the retina of leaf dust.

"My name is Ye Chen." Ye Chen replied truthfully.

Ye Dust?

More than a dozen of the blood wolf organization's warriors were all stunned, and they were shocked to see ye Chen.

Of course, they know who ye Chen is, the man with the highest combat power to the north of the angry sea.

"Come on, return ye Chen. Why don't you say you are a fairy?" Five star master looked at Ye Chen with great disdain.

Ye Chen smiles and thinks that the warriors of the blood wolf organization don't believe him, and they all end up dead. Now these people still don't believe it.

I don't have to say much about the result.

"I ask you again, who are you?"

"Ants like you deserve to know who I am?"

As soon as this word came out, more than a dozen warriors of the blood wolf organization were all stunned. In any case, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"You dare to say that we are mole ants, looking for death!" Five star master looked at Ye Chen, "give it to me!"

With the five-star master's voice falling, more than a dozen blood wolf organization fighters rushed to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen raised his fist and hit out fiercely. The invisible gravity produced by giant force talent hit more than a dozen men.



More than a dozen men all flew out upside down and fell heavily on the ground. All their internal organs were shattered. They still have a little bit of vitality.

"No, it's absolutely impossible!"

Five star master looked at such a scene, scared out of his wits, looking at Ye Chen in horror.

"Now." Ye Chen looked at the five-star master lightly, "do you believe that you are a mole ant?"

Five star master smell speech, the whole body can't stop shaking, he didn't think that ye Chen was so powerful to such a degree.

Suddenly, the five-star master thought of a surprising possibility, that is, the young man in front of him is really Ye Chen.

Otherwise How can it be so!

Thinking of this, the five-star master stepped back a few steps. He swore that he had never been so afraid.

"What are you afraid of?" Ye Chen looked at the five-star master, "my Ye Chen is always easy-going, and I won't do anything to you."

With the sound falling, ye Chen leaped forward and punched the five-star master in the chest. The five-star master fell to the ground in an instant. His eyes were wide open until he died. He could not believe that he had died like this.

Soldiers The trick!

Ye Chen thinks that today's blood wolf organization is to insert wings, but also can not escape his palm. The only thing they can do is to wait for death.

When he just stepped into the blood wolf organization, hundreds of warriors of blood wolf organization surrounded him.

These warriors all hold weapons in their hands and stare at Ye Chen like a wolf.

"High talent."

"High talent."

"Medium talent."

Ye Chen looks at these blood wolf organization martial arts talent, he can't help but smile secretly.

"For many years, no one has dared to break into my blood wolf organization. Today I want to see what kind of immortal it is!"


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