I Copy Talents | Chapter 321 | Blood Wolf Organization Destroyed

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Chapter 321 Blood Wolf Organization Destroyed

 "You, how can you be so strong!"

Yang Huai, leader of the blood wolf organization, looks at Ye Chen in horror.

"Chief, there's only one person north of the angry sea who has so much talent for terror."

The whole body of a warrior of blood wolf organization was shaking violently, and a warm current overflowed between his legs.


Yang Huai asked in a hurry.

"Anger, north of the angry sea, the first battle power, ye Chen!"


Yang Huai is paralyzed on the ground.

Why didn't he think of it just now?

"You, are you ye Chen?" Yang Huai looked at Ye Chen and asked.

"What do you say?" Ye Chen said lightly.

Hearing this, Yang Huai, the leader of the blood wolf organization, turned pale.

"It's a pity that when you meet the evil party, it's a pity that you can only live like this." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

With that, he held up the Juxing Epee in his hand.


The Juxing Epee falls down.

A sword of terror struck them!

With the sword cut down, the blood wolf organization of all martial arts all die.

Ye Chen put the Juxing Epee on his back and walked slowly down the mount Paoma.

He thought that now he had the equipment upgrade stone, he had to go to find a weapon forge shop in Nu Hai City to upgrade the level of Juxing Epee sword.


Ye Chen came to Nu Hai City.

Most of the residents of angry sea city have not seen him, and he is not worried about being surrounded.

Before long, he found a weapons forge.

After that, a dozen blacksmiths are going to forge weapons.

"What weapons are you going to build?"

A man came to the body of Ye Chen and said with a smile.

"Medium talent."

Ye Chen thought for a moment and then said, "I'm not here to make weapons, but to upgrade weapons."

As soon as this was said, a dozen blacksmiths in the forge shop were all stunned. You know, the ascension stone is very precious. The young man in front of me is only 17-8 years old

Immediately they were relieved. They all felt that ye Chen was the young master of a certain family, otherwise, it would be impossible to get the ascension stone.

"Please give me the weapon so that I can test its level." The man said to Ye Chen.

"Take me with you." Ye Chen looked at the man, "you can't take my weapon."

A dozen blacksmiths were surprised. Of course, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

The man's mouth and face twitched for a moment, the skin smile meat does not smile looking at the leaf dust, "don't worry, sir, I can take it."

Ye Chen can't help but think of Wang Ning when he was at the foot of Jianshan mountain.

He thought that if he didn't give the weapon to the man, he would not be reconciled.

Then he took the Tu Xing Epee from his back.

The man smiles and looks at the Epee in Ye Chen's hand. Of course, he knows that he can carry it, because ye Chen can carry it on his back, not to mention him.

Ye Chen puts the Juxing Epee sword on the ground, thinking that if it is handed directly to the man in front of him, the man is expected to lie on the ground in an instant.

More than a dozen blacksmiths saw Ye Chen put the Juxing Epee on the ground, and their faces all showed a look of displeasure because they thought Ye Chen was contemptuous of them.

The man was also a little upset, he said to Ye Chen, "look, I'll take your weapon up now."

With that, the man was ready to take up the Tu Xing Epee on the ground.

But the man's neck was red, and he was still motionless with the strength of suckling.


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