I Copy Talents | Chapter 322 | Raise The Rank Of Juque Epee

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Chapter 322 Raise The Rank Of Juque Epee

 "No way! There's no reason to be so heavy! "

The man found that he had used all his strength to suckle, but the Tu Xing Epee on the ground was still motionless. In addition to being shocked, his face was also deeply embarrassed.

"I said you can't hold my weapon. Why don't you believe it?" Ye Chen said lightly.

More than a dozen blacksmiths were also dumbfounded, thinking about the weight of the epee.

After ye Chen finished, he lowered himself to take up the Juxing Epee on the ground.

All the people in the weapons forge all swallowed and spit. They thought Ye Chen was a young master of a family, but now it seems that he is a supreme existence.

"I, can I ask." The man looked at Ye Chen awkwardly, "how heavy is this Epee?"

More than a dozen blacksmiths also look at Ye Chen, just because they want to know how much the Epee is in Ye Chen's hand.

"It's not very heavy either." Ye Chen looked at the man, "100000 Jin only."


All the people in the weapon forging shop took a breath of cold air and were stunned.

100000 Jin!

You know, it's a hundred thousand pounds!

Immediately, weapon detection equipment began to test the level of the Juxing epee.

As all blacksmiths know, the Juxing Epee weighs 100000 Jin, at least it must be a high-grade Xuan Steel weapon.

However, the grade displayed on the weapon detector actually made them all go back three steps.

There are four characters on the weapon detection instrument:

"advanced star iron!"

No one in the weapon forge shop has seen high-grade Star iron weapons. Their eyes are wide open and their hearts are shocked.

"Here, ascension stone."

Leaf dust takes the ascension stone out of the system space.

The man regained his mind after hearing the speech. He took the lifting stone in the hands of Ye Chen with shaking hands.

Ye Chen is waiting.

A few hours later.

All the people in the weapon forge gave a breath and wiped the sweat on their forehead and head.

"I'm finally promoted."

When ye Chen hears the speech, he looks at the Juxing Epee, which has changed from a high-level Star iron to a low-level Star Steel weapon.

There was a wonderful color on his face. He went to the Juxing Epee, picked it up and weighed it on his mobile phone. He found that the weight of the TuXing Epee was 200000 Jin.

"How many crystals."

"No, no more."

The man quickly waved his hand.

Ye Chen is stunned, thinking that the sky can really drop the pie?

"My Lord, this is the first time I have seen such a high-level weapon in our shop. As long as you take a picture with us, you can give us publicity."

Ye Chen knows that there is no free lunch in the world, which is much better than Fu Yuanjing.

In this world, taking photos is not a mobile phone or a camera, but a specific instrument, which can't be called Ye Chen.

Immediately, the weapon forging shop took a picture of Ye Chen holding the Juxing Epee, as well as the low-grade Star steel grade on the weapon detection instrument.

Ye Chen puts the Juxing Epee on his back, and he is ready to leave.

As soon as he started to walk, the man stopped him.

"My Lord, can you give me your name?"

"Leaf dust."

After ye dust left his name, he left the weapon forge shop without looking back.

Until ye dust disappeared in people's eyes, they finally came back to God, you look at me, I look at you, a burst of mutual gaze.

Leaf dust?

Ha ha ha!!!

All of a sudden, the man burst out laughing, just because he knew that they had made a lot of money.


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