I Copy Talents | Chapter 323 | Leaving North Of The Fury Sea

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Chapter 323 Leaving North Of The Fury Sea

 Ye Chen returns to the sword school.

As soon as he got to Jianshan, he was called to tianjianfeng by Huang Yun, the leader of xingjianfeng peak. He said that he wanted to find him if he had something important to do.

Ye Chen was happy at that time, thinking that most of the fierce beasts in the north of the Nu sea have been destroyed. What else can we do.

Before long, ye Chen arrived at the hall of tianjianfeng.

Bai Shaoan, the leader of the sword clan, sits on the throne directly above.

"Ye Chen, you are back at last." Bai Shaoan said to Ye Chen.

"Lord, what can I do for you?" Ye Chen asked.

Although he didn't think it was important, he was still looking forward to it.

"To the east of the Nu Hai sea, the fierce animal riot in the star sea has subsided. A month later, it will be time for the military academy to recruit students to the east of the Nu sea. Now, the north of the Nu sea is no longer challenging for you. You know what I mean."

Ye Chen of course understood Bai Shaoan's meaning, and he thought it was time to leave.


"Congratulations to the host for a random treasure chest."

Ye Chen thinks that the random treasure box is coming at any time.

Without any hesitation, he opens the random chest:

"get berserk X3."

After using fury, you can increase your strength to 50 times.

It's perfect to kill enemies stronger than yourself or run for your life.

There is a long distance to the north of nuhai and the east of nuhai, but Yuanli automobile can reach it, but there is no direct way, so we have to transfer.

Two days later, ye Chen finally said goodbye to the north of the angry sea. When he came to the north of the angry sea, he knew that this was not his place.

Of course, the east of Nu Hai could never belong to him.

He got on the Yuanli car.

Ye Chen is going to the east of the angry sea in Yuanli car. He falls asleep in the car and has a dream. He dreams that he is a person in the river and the river and lake is a bloody storm tonight. He had no choice before. Now if he can, he wants to be a good man.

He went to a place called habing human gathering place.

Ha camp does not belong to the north or east of the Nu sea. It's in the center of the raging sea.

Ye Chen came to the street of HA camp.

"High talent."

"High talent."

"High talent."

The talent of the warriors in the street appeared in his retina.

Ye Chen is ready to eat here, and then continue to take Yuanli bus to the east of the Nu sea.

Immediately, ye entered a western restaurant that looked pretty good.

He has put the Juxing Epee into the system space. Ha camp and the east of Nu Hai are strange places for him. The Juxing Epee belongs to the low-level Star Steel weapons. Such weapons will naturally attract the red eyes of all forces.

After all, he is only a six-star war King now.

I went into the restaurant and ordered a steak.

It wasn't long before the steak came up and he began to eat.

At this time, a girl about the size of her was sitting opposite him, looking at him with a crazy face.

Ye Chen was stunned. He had seen a lot of flower maniacs, but he had never seen such a flower maniac.

"Name: Su xun'er."

"Cultivation talent: prefecture level."

"Hidden talent: water talent, fire talent."

"Realm: two star war king."

Looking at Su Xun's talent, what is his talent?

"I've never seen such a good-looking man as you."

Su xun'er suddenly said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shook his head in secret. He never saw such a fool as Su xun'er.


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