I Copy Talents | Chapter 324 | Su Xuner

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Chapter 324 Su Xuner

 "I don't seem to know you, do I?" Ye Chen said to Su xun'er.

Su xun'er said with a smile, "let's get to know each other now. My name is..."

"I know your name is Su xun'er, and I'm not interested in meeting you." Ye Chen said lightly.

Su xun'er was stunned. Obviously, she didn't expect Ye Chen to know her name.

"You, you still said that you don't know me and all know my name. Then you must know that I am the favored girl of HA camp?"

Leaf dust shook his head, "do not know."

Su xun'er's white face is even more confused. As a beautiful girl of HA camp, boys who like him will queue up in a long line.

But the man in front of me

Su xun'er found that ye Chen's face was as calm as water, as if she could not see her unique face at all.

"You, don't you think I'm beautiful?"

"Sorry, I'm a face blind."

Su xun'er has never seen such a person as ye Chen.

She suddenly gave a sweet smile, "it looks like you are very good. You are willing to eat the most expensive steak here. Can you give me some?"

With that, Su xun'er's white face was pathetic.

Although Ye Chen has not been stunned for a long time, he is really shocked this time. She is the most favored girl in Ha camp. She doesn't eat steak yet?

Let's go Who believes it?

"I want to keep fit, but I can't help it when you eat so well." Su xun'er mumbled to Ye Chen.

With a smile, ye Chen slowly opened his mouth to Su xun'er:

"you can scold me or even beat me, but you can't eat my steak."


Su xun'er's white face was shocked.

"Because that's what ye Chen said." Ye Chen said lightly.

"Ye Chen? Who is Ye Chen? " Su xun'er was more puzzled.

"I am Ye Chen." Ye Chen's face is still calm as water.

As soon as she said this, Su xun'er's pale face seemed to be frozen. Naturally, she did not expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"In fact, I've been looking for a strong warrior in Ha Ying City for several days. I want to find a strong warrior and go with me to hunt and kill the silver moon fierce eagle, the primary beast king level fierce beast."

"That fierce eagle of silver moon is equivalent to the king of three-star war of human warriors. I am just the king of two-star war now." Su xun'er looked at Ye Chen. "I think the rest of the younger generation are rubbish, but you and I can't see through it."

Ye Chen heard the speech and laughed, thinking that this was the real destination of Su xun'er.

"I'm not interested in hunting with you. I'm only interested in making you disappear in front of me."

"Listen to me first. As long as the younger generation hunts and kills the Yinyue fierce eagle, they will be admitted to the military academy in the east of the Nu sea."

Ye Chen was really interested in Su xun'er's words.

If you want to enter the military academy in the east of Nu Hai, you must take part in the trial, but if you have the admission qualification directly, you don't need to take part in those troublesome trials.

Later, ye Chen learned from Su xun'er that all the young people in Ha camp did not dare to hunt and kill the silver moon eagle. After all, it was equivalent to the realm of three-star war king.

"All right." Ye Chen nodded and agreed.

"I knew you went to the martial arts academy, too." When Su xun'er saw Ye Chen's promise, a smile appeared on his white face.

Ye Chen was stunned, thinking that Su xun'er was a thief.


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