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Chapter 325 Silvermoon

 Su xun'er began to take the leaf dust to the silver moon forest.

Yinyue forest is a gathering place of fierce animals in Ha camp, and the fierce eagle of silver moon is the overlord inside.

"Together, we will be able to defeat the fierce eagle of silver moon." Su xun'er is afraid that ye Chen has no foundation, so he refuels Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water, but in his heart he was smiling secretly, thinking that yinyuelin was only a junior beast king level fierce beast. He was really weak in front of him.

They arrived outside the silver moon forest.

All the young people in Ha camp dare not hunt and kill the silver moon fierce eagle. After all, the silver moon fierce eagle is a junior beast king level fierce beast, and there is a big gap between them.

"Ye Chen, are we going directly to the silver moon forest, or do we want to deal with the fierce carving of silver moon and then enter the forest?"

Su xun'er looks at Ye Chen. She thinks Ye Chen should be a star wars king.

"There's nothing to think about. Go straight in." Ye Chen said.

Su xun'er is stunned. She doesn't understand why Ye Chen looks so confident. You should know that she is the main force to eliminate the evil eagle of silver moon.

She looks for ye Chen, but she just wants Ye Chen to strengthen her self-confidence. But the appearance of Ye Chen made her feel that ye dust was the main force.

They began to enter the silver moon forest.

Just entered the silver moon forest, more than a dozen low-level fierce beasts rushed toward them.

Su xun'er is endowed with both water and fire talents, and she kills these fierce beasts.

She looked at Ye Chen ostentatiously, but found that there was no fluctuation on her face, which made her feel a little unhappy. Didn't Ye Chen know she was strong?

Su xun'er, who has always been so strong, thought of waiting to see ye Chen's hand and see what he relied on to do so.

Immediately, they began to look for the silver moon fierce eagle in the silver moon forest, and soon they found the whereabouts of the silver moon fierce eagle.


In front of him, the silver moon eagle is huge, with a pair of red eyes, which makes the scalp numb.

"Silver moon fierce carving: fierce beast."

"Talent: high speed talent."

"Rank: Junior beast king level fierce beast."

On the moon, Su Xun's face is very heavy.

She just wanted to ask Ye Chen to be careful, but what she never dreamed of was that ye Chen actually walked to the silver moon fierce eagle.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing?"

Su xun'er quickly called to Ye Chen.

But ye Chen seems to have not heard her voice in general, still toward the silver moon fierce carving.

"Come back quickly. You can't beat the fierce carving of silver moon by yourself. You will only die in vain." When Su xun'er saw that ye Chen didn't respond, he said to Ye Chen again.

It's a pity that ye Chen continues to walk towards the fierce eagle of the silver moon.

Yinyue forest's overlord, Yinyue fierce eagle, naturally saw the leaf dust coming towards it. Its red eyes were extremely cold and looked at the leaf dust.


All of a sudden, the fierce eagle of silver moon fluttered its wings and attacked the dust of the leaves.

"Be careful!"

When Su xun'er saw the fierce carving of silver moon flying to Ye dust, she called out in a hurry.

At this time, ye Chen showed a side face to Su xun'er, and said to Su xun'er lightly:

"it's OK, but it's just a little fierce beast at the level of primary animal king."

Yinyue forest overlord Yinyue fierce Eagle has come to Ye Chen's body, ready to kill Ye Chen.

Ye Chen lightly blows a fist. Under the influence of giant force talent, a terrifying invisible force fiercely attacks the fierce eagle of silver moon.


All of a sudden, the fierce eagle of silver moon flew backward as if feeling the impact of the mountain.


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