I Copy Talents | Chapter 326 | Obtained Martial Arts Token

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Chapter 326 Obtained Martial Arts Token

 Silver moon fierce carving heavy impact on a big tree, the tree cut off the waist.

This How is that possible?

Looking at such a scene, Su xun'er couldn't help being silly. Of course, she didn't expect such a situation.

She thought Ye Chen was a star wars king!


The first beast king level fierce beast silver moon fierce eagle is not dead, it is angry, crazy general rushed to Ye Chen, it seems to want to fight with Ye Chen.


Ye Chen is a fist to swing out, the invisible sound explosion force to the silver moon fierce carving fierce attack past.

How can the silver moon beast, a primary beast of beast king level, resist such an attack and be hit again and fall to the ground from mid air, where is there any vitality.

Su xun'er was as stiff as a clay sculpture, unable to recover for a long time.

"Do you want to take back the body of Yinyue fierce carving, or..."

The voice of leaf dust suddenly appeared in her ear, she this just returned to God.

As long as you kill the silver moon forest overlord Yinyue fierce eagle, you will be able to directly enter the martial arts academy east of the Nu sea.

Su xun'er quickly went to the body of the ferocious Yinyue carving and scanned it with his wrist watch.

"I, we can go."

Su xun'er was shocked and said to Ye Chen.

Later, they began to walk out towards the silver moon forest.

"Can I ask you a question?" Su xun'er looked at Ye Chen. "How many star wars are you?"

She was so curious about ye Chen's realm that she killed the fierce eagle of silver moon with such understatement. What's more, she just wielded the explosive power of Ye Chen's fist.

She knows very well, this must be the talent of giant force!

"I choose not to answer this question." Ye Chen said.

In Ha camp, a strange place, he still had to keep a low profile. If it wasn't for hunting the silver moon fierce eagle, he would not have been able to enter the military academy east of the angry sea.

Later, ye Chen and Su xun'er returned to the city of haying.

Su xun'er takes Ye Chen to a place, which is the martial alliance of the city of Harbin.

At the front desk, I handed the integral table on the wrist to the relevant staff, and the pupil of the staff member shrunk fiercely.

"Miss Su, you are so strong that you have even killed the fierce eagle of silver moon."

With that, the staff handed the two military academy tokens to Su xun'er.

Su xun'er took over the military academy token, and his white face showed a touch of joy.

She goes to Ye Chen and hands the martial arts academy token to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen naturally took a military academy token and put it into the system space.

"By the way, ye Chen, you can go to my family, and then we will go together together." Su xun'er said to Ye Chen.

The leaf dust thought also, then nodded to agree to come down.

When Su xun'er saw that ye Chen had agreed, a touch of joy appeared on her white face.


Su xun'er began to take the leaf dust to the Su family.

The Su family of HA camp is an important family in Ha camp.

"Ye Chen, this is my family."

Su xun'er said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looks at the family in front of him. The Su family is a classical building, which looks very good.

They entered the Su family.

"High talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

The talent of Su's children appeared in Ye Chen's retina.

"Sister xun'er, you are back."

Obviously, Su xun'er has a good relationship with his children in the Su family, and many of them greet him.


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