I Copy Talents | Chapter 328 | I Can Beat You With Just One Finger

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Chapter 328 I Can Beat You With Just One Finger

 "Uncle, do you believe him?"

Su Hai was shocked.

Su Kun did not answer Su Hai's words, his eyes have been looking at Ye Chen.

"That's right."

Ye Chen slowly said two words.

Su Hai saw such a scene, can not help but be angry.

"Ye Chen, since sister xun'er has said so much about you, do you dare to fight with me?"

Su Hai's status in the Su family has always been very high, but now the third uncle actually ignored him, which made him no longer bear.

All the children of the Su family were very surprised when they heard the speech. They didn't expect that Su Hai would suddenly put forward this request.


Ye Chen smiles, he looks at Su Hai faintly.

"You're not qualified to fight me at all."

"What do you say?"

Su Hai gnawed his teeth, and his self-esteem was strongly impacted.

"You are just a ten star general, so..."

Ye Chen didn't go on. The implication is that you, a ten star war general, deserve to fight with me?

Of course, Su Hai understood what ye Chen meant, and he couldn't help getting angry.

"What if I had to fight you?"

All the disciples of the Su family were stunned. They had never seen such a loss.

"Xiao Hai, what's the matter with you?"

Su xun'er quickly called to Su Hai.

"Don't worry, sister xun'er. I'll let him know that Su Hai is so powerful." Su Hai's eyes have been staring at Ye Chen.

The eyes of the sons of the Su family are also staring at Ye Chen. They all want to know if ye Chen will fight. Even Su Kun also looked at Ye Chen. He also wanted to know how strong Ye Chen was.

For a moment, all the eyes of the Su family were focused on Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's face is as calm as water.

"Well, I can beat you with just one finger."


As soon as this word came out, all the people of the Su family were shocked. They didn't expect Ye Chen to be so arrogant.


Su Hai looks at Ye Chen. As a genius of Su Hai, he has never been looked down upon so lightly.

Quiet, dead silence.

The people of the Su family turn their eyes to Ye Chen and Su Hai.

With four eyes on each other, a great war seems to be coming.

And ye Zhizhen just put up a finger, as if really ready to use a finger to defeat Su Hai.

"I want you to look good!"

Su Hai sees the finger that leaf dust erect, can't help but get angry unceasingly, a fist toward leaf dust fierce hit.

This punch is attached to the yuan force.

Ye Chen's face did not have the slightest fluctuation because of Su Hai's fist. His face was still calm as water.

When the terror yuan force quickly hits Ye Chen's body, ye Chen suddenly dodges and dodges.

How could it be!

All the disciples of the Su family all opened their eyes. At such a speed

You know, just now, there is only a line between the terrorist force and ye Chen. How can he avoid it.

Su Hai did not expect that ye Chen could escape.


If ye Chen only thinks that he can only do so, then he is totally wrong.

, that is to say, a big blow from the sea

The terror fist shadow formed by Yuan Li once again attacked Ye dust.

Ye Chen smiles to himself. In his eyes, this kind of martial art is too weak.

But I saw: just when the shadow of the terror fist formed by Yuan Li was only a line away from ye Chen, he gently touched it with his finger.

And then The shadow of the horror fist disappeared.


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