I Copy Talents | Chapter 329 | The Horror Of The Su Family

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Chapter 329 The Horror Of The Su Family

 How is that possible?

All the disciples of the Su family all opened their eyes. They would never have dreamed that ye Chen could make the horror fist shadow formed by Yuan Li disappear with one finger.

The most shocking thing is Su Hai.

His pupil shrinks rapidly. You should know that his crazy wave boxing is an intermediate skill of Xuan level.

Su xun'er sighs secretly, thinking that ye Chen's strength has shocked her. How could Su Hai possibly be ye Chen's opponent.

"I said, I can..."

Ye Chen's words have not finished, Su Hai then angrily interrupted his words.

"Don't be arrogant!"

Finish saying, Su Hai flies to leaf dust to walk, the speed is very fast.

Su Hai's speed may be very fast in front of all the people in the Su family, but in front of Ye Chen, she is like a snail crawling.

Just in an instant, Su Hai went to Ye Chen's body and hit Ye Chen's body with a fist.

All the people of the Su family opened their eyes wide. It was obvious that they all wanted to know whether Su Hai's punch could hit Ye Chen.

But it was destined to disappoint them.

Only because when Su Hai's fist is only a line away from ye Chen, ye Chen is a flash to Su Hai's back.

At this time, Su Hai has not yet responded.

When he reacts, he comes back quickly.


Ye Chen's fingers have already hit Su Hai. They have the powerful talent to attach to them.


Su Hai's pupil shrinks fiercely. He knows that he can't block or avoid the blow.

Is Is he going to die?

The people of the Su family have not even responded.

Ye Chen certainly doesn't want to kill Su Hai. When his finger is still on Su Hai's nose, he stops.

"Do you think I can't beat you with one finger?"

Ye Chen said faintly to Su Hai.

Su Hai has already lost his mind. Where can he say a complete sentence.

At this time, the Su family all reacted, and they all looked at Ye Chen in horror.

"You, you are terrible."

Su Hai swallowed his mouth and spit, and said to Ye Chen.

"A lot of people say that. It's nothing to be surprised about." Ye Chen said slowly.

All of the Su family finally believe that ye Chen can easily kill the silver moon forest overlord Yinyue fierce carving.

"Xun'er, you are qualified to enter the martial arts academy directly, haven't you?"

Su Kun, the third uncle of the Su family, suddenly said to Su xun'er.

"Yes, uncle." Su xun'er nodded.

"I'll tell my brother." With that, Su Kun went to the inner court.

All the Su family disciples looked at Ye Chen in horror. They had never seen such a genius as ye Chen.

However, just now I learned from the third uncle's words that ye Chen went to the military academy in the east of the Nu sea, not from their camp.

It didn't take long.

Su Kun came out of the inner courtyard.

"Big brother, let you in."

The eldest brother in Su Kun's mouth is Su Xiaohe, the owner of Su's family. Su Xiaohe is also the father of Su xun'er.

Ye Chen and Su xun'er began to walk into the inner courtyard.

When we got to the hall of the Su family in the inner courtyard, there were all the important figures of the Su family.

"Metaphysical talent."

"Metaphysical talent."

"Metaphysical talent."

The talent of all martial artists in the hall appears in Ye Chen's eyes.

Su Xiaohe, the master of the Su family, asked Ye Chen to sit down before he opened his mouth and said to Ye Chen:

"little brother, you killed the silver moon forest overlord Yinyue fierce carving, right?"


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