I Copy Talents | Chapter 331 | We Wont Call You Big Brother

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Chapter 331 We Wont Call You Big Brother

 Ning Feng tells Ye Chen and Su xun'er of his talent, and a touch of satisfaction appears on his face.

"Now, you know why I want you to call me big brother."

More than ten students beside Ning Feng all looked at each other, because Ning Feng's talent is the highest among them.

"As I said, we won't call you big brother." Su xun'er said to Ning Feng.

Ye Chen looks at Ning Feng. Ning Feng's talent and realm information appear on his retina.

"Name: Ning Feng."

"Cultivation: talent."

"Hidden talent: native talent, high power talent."

"Realm: two star war king."

When Ning Feng heard Su xun'er's words, he was very displeased.

"Do you want to know what I am?"

"What realm are you?"

"two star war king!"

Ning Feng looks at Ye Chen and Su xun'er.

"I thought you were on a high level." Su Xun said, "it's just something."

"You Not only Ning Feng, but also a dozen students beside him were shocked.

Two star war King Nothing great?

"Er Xing Zhan, you are me." Said Su xun'er.

As soon as he said this, Ning Feng and more than a dozen students were stunned. They looked at Su xun'er in amazement.

"You're the king of two star wars?" Ning Feng looked at Su xun'er sarcastically.

Leaf dust secretly shook his head, he looked at Ning Feng faintly, "don't you think your words are a little more?"


More than a dozen students around Ning Feng were all stunned. They thought Ye Chen was nothing. How could they think that ye Chen was so amazing.

"If you want me to say it, you all have to call brother Ye Chen." Su xun'er glanced at the students.

Ning Feng and a dozen students naturally know who Su xun'er is referring to. They all look at Ye Chen.

"Are you strong?"

Ning Feng stares at Ye Chen. He can't help being jealous of Ye Chen's appearance.

"Average." Ye Chen said that his face was as calm as water and could not see other waves.

Because they are located in the freshmen's college, they are all advanced by the token rate of the Academy. Other students need to go through a lot of examinations before they can enter the Academy. So there are only a dozen of them in the Academy.


For some reason, Ning Feng didn't believe it. He felt that he couldn't see through the leaf dust.

"She said we all have to call you big brother, which proves that you must be very strong." Ning Feng looked at Ye Chen, "why don't we have a fight? Who wins is the big brother?"

More than a dozen students around Ning Feng also want to know whether ye Chen will agree or not, and their eyes reveal a touch of wonderful color.

"No interest." Ye Chen said slowly.


Ning Feng originally thought Ye Chen would agree, but he didn't think ye Chen refused. Moreover, ye Chen's face was so calm that he was very upset.

"But I'm interested in a fight with you!" Ning Feng stares at leaf dust to say.

Ye dust sighed to himself, thinking of this day, which came so many things.

"Ye Chen, why don't you agree?" Su xun'er looked at Ye Chen, fearing that the world would not be in disorder.

"All right." Ye Chen said.

Ning Feng saw Ye Chen agreed, and he was smug because he knew that ye Chen could not be his opponent in any case.


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