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Chapter 332 Form Yemeng

 A dozen students all looked at Ye Chen and Ning Feng.

They even held their breath and knew that a great war was coming.

"I only need one punch to knock you down, and I don't need Yuan Li!"

Ning Feng is very proud of looking at the leaf dust.

"Come on."

Leaf dust to Ning Feng hook fingers, face appeared a touch of uninteresting color.

Looking at the uninteresting color on Ye Chen's face, Ning Feng can't help but get angry and shout to Ye Chen:

"don't look down on people!"

Yinluo, Ning Feng raised his fist and hit Ye Chen with a fist.

This fist is not attached to any element force.

Obviously, in Ning Feng's opinion, this fist beat Ye Chen enough.

Su xun'er knows that even if he gives Ning Feng four hands and four legs, he can't be ye Chen's opponent. After all, he has seen Ye Chen's power with his own eyes.

I saw Ning Feng's fist was about to hit Ye Chen's body.

At this time, ye Chen finally made a move, and he also punched out!

Ye Chen's fist is also not attached to any element force.

The two fists are about to hit. More than a dozen students have already opened their eyes, and they all want to know who wins and who loses.

Finally, ye dust and Ning Feng's fists hit each other heavily.


But the next scene is to let more than a dozen students silly eyes, because Ning Feng flies out.

Ning Feng heavily fell on the ground, he was confused.

"A blow to fly Ning Feng?"

A dozen students quickly rubbed their eyes, only to feel that they were wrong, but they rubbed their eyes anyway, the result was the same.

Only now did they know that ye Chen was so strong.

After a long time, Ning Feng just came back to God, he looked at Ye Chen in amazement.

"You, how could you be so powerful?"

"Ye Chen's power is certainly strong. You should know that ye Chen can easily hunt and kill the existence of primary beast king level fierce beasts."

When Su xun'er said this, more than a dozen students were shocked again.

Easy to hunt and kill primary beast king?

That's terrible.

"What are you waiting for, big brother?" Su xun'er muttered in displeasure.

Hearing the speech, a dozen students immediately called out to Ye Chen:

"big brother."

"And you?"

Su xun'er sees that Ning Feng doesn't mean to call big brother. She looks at Ning Feng.

"Big brother."

After a few seconds, Ning Feng finally called out, but a very reluctant color flashed from his face.

"Don't call me big brother." Ye Chen thought for a moment, "call me ye elder brother."

Ye Chen thinks that in Anyue college, the students in Baiyun college call him like this, so listen to it more smoothly.

"Yes, ye Ge." A dozen students said in chorus.

They are all talented people all over the world. After all, they are metaphysical cultivation talents, and their hidden talents are not low.

"Brother ye, there are gangs made up of students in the martial arts academy. Why don't we form one?" A student suddenly said to Ye Chen.

As soon as this was said, the eyes of all the students were bright. But Su Xun's smile was even worse.

"Ye Ge, what do you say?" Su xun'er looks at the leaf dust.

"Whatever you want." Ye Chen said slowly.

Seeing ye Chen's consent, Su xun'er immediately began to think about it.

A few seconds later, Su xun'er spoke again:

"what do you think of Ye Meng

Ye Meng?

Ning Feng and more than a dozen students have thought about it. It seems that the name is good.


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