I Copy Talents | Chapter 333 | Copy Rain Talent

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Chapter 333 Copy Rain Talent

 Ye Chen is not very interested in these things. Let them go.

It will take five days for the freshmen in the martial arts academy to try, which means that they will be OK in the five days.

Time flies.

Five days later.

All the students who have passed the examination have entered the freshmen's College of the martial arts academy with a touch of excitement on their faces, just because after entering the Academy, their future will be limitless.

At this time, thousands of students stood on the square of the new college.

"High talent."

"High talent."

"Yellow talent."

Ten meters away from ye Chen's surroundings, all the students' talents appeared on his website.

Although the east of the Nu Hai sea is the most powerful area in Haiti, the number of warriors has also increased. The cultivation talent is innate, and the higher cultivation talent is very good.

Ye Chen is still checking the talent of the students. He has not copied the talent for a long time. He wants to see if there is any talent that can be copied.

Suddenly, the pupil of leaf dust fiercely shrinks.

"Rain talent!"

Four big characters appear in Ye Chen's eyes.



Ye Chen did not hesitate to copy the rain talent, so that he had all the four major natural talent.

"Host: leaf dust."

"Cultivation talent: against the heaven level."

"Hidden talent: five dimensional talent, wind talent, rain talent, thunder talent, electricity talent, giant force talent."

"Realm: six star war king."


"Congratulations to the host for a super treasure chest."

Suddenly, the sound of the system came to his ears.

Ye Chen thought about the real double happiness. After copying the rain talent, he got the super treasure chest.

Without much thought, he opened the super treasure box he had won:

"he has obtained five phase martial arts skills, empty fist."

Ye Chen is stunned, five phase martial arts?

He took a look at the wuxiangxing martial arts, and then he realized that the wuxiangxing martial arts can only be used if he has the wuxiangxing skills.

This kind of martial arts is too precious, and it's a middle level skill.

"Why are you looking at me all the time?"

A cold sound came into the ears of the dust.

Leaf dust smell speech to return to God, looking at the girl who is talking in front of her.

The girl was dressed in white, 3000 green silk waist, looking very beautiful, but there was some indifference on her face.

"I didn't look at you."

Ye Chen said to the girl. The girl is the owner of rain talent.

"Name" blue rain. "

"Cultivation: talent."

"Hidden talent: rain talent, high speed talent."

"Realm: two star war king."

Ye Chen thinks that blue rain is also a super genius.

"Join us Ye Meng."

At this time, Su xun'er's voice appeared in Ye Chen's ear. Naturally, she asked Lan Yu to join Ye Meng.

Because these students are freshmen, a listen to Ye Meng on the name of the tall, did not want to agree to come down.

"No interest." Blue rain refused.

Su xun'er didn't agree to see Lan Yu, and she didn't continue to ask.

Before long, ye Meng became a force with hundreds of students.

"Xiaoyu, what's the matter?"

A teenager came up.

"Name: Hu Liang."

"Cultivation: talent."

"Hidden talent: great power talent, native talent, high power talent."

"Realm: two star war king."

Ye Chen looked at the talent of the young man in front of him, and could not help but be surprised. Thinking about the talent of Hu Liang, he was a little scared.


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