I Copy Talents | Chapter 335 | Talent Test

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Chapter 335 Talent Test

 "Dare you?"

Hu Liang is not a fool. He has seen that ye Chen is the leader of Ye League.

Lan Yu can't help but look at Ye Chen. She also wants to know whether ye Chen dare to agree. After all, Hu Liang's talent is terrible.

I don't know why, the blue rain has a trace of curiosity to the leaf dust.

They are all freshmen of the martial arts academy, but ye Chen has been able to organize a gang in such a short period of time. It is obvious that ye Chen is outstanding.

"Brother ye, what dare you? Your ridiculous talent is not worth mentioning in front of my brother Ye." Su xun'er looked at Ye Chen with disdain.

"Then I'll take it as your promise." Hu Liang looks at Ye Chen with great pride.

He wants to wait for tomorrow's talent test and not surprise you.

All the freshmen in the square have remembered this scene and are looking forward to the arrival of tomorrow.

Next is the allocation of dormitories. The host of the freshmen's college is free to live in. There is no need for any class, and it is a dormitory for three people.

Ye Chen, Ning Feng and Shi Meng live in a dormitory.

"Ye Ge, your talent should be better than that Hu Liang." Shi Meng looks at Ye Chen and says.

"I think so." Ye Chen replied lightly.

Ning Feng is slightly handsome, but there is a look of disdain on his face. He wants to see how you can do it tomorrow. The leader of Ye League was his, but he was robbed by Ye Chen. Of course, he wants to see ye Chen's jokes.


The next day.

One day of the freshman talent test.

The ten day talent test instrument appeared in front of the freshmen.

Thousands of freshmen lined up for the talent test. They are looking forward to Ye Chen and Hu Liang's talent competition, to see who is more talented.

"Name: Lin Shui."

"Cultivation talent: advanced."

"Hidden talent: medium speed talent."

"Talent level: second class."

Many freshmen tested their talent, and then went to Su xun'er.

"Name: Su xun'er."

"Cultivation: talent."

"Hidden talent: water talent, fire talent."

"Talent level: medium."

The members of Ye Meng are very proud of the talent of elder sister, as if Su xun'er's talent is their talent.


Blue rain.

"Name: blue rain."

"Cultivation: talent."

"Hidden talent: rain talent, high speed talent."

"Talent level: medium."

Ten talent testing instruments are testing the talent of students crazily.

Finally, Hu Liang.

All the students in the square opened their eyes wider than usual. They all looked at Hu Liang to see what kind of talent he had.

Hu Liang put his hand on the talent test instrument, and his talent information appeared on the talent test instrument:

"Name: Hu Liang."

"Cultivation: talent."

"Hidden talent: great power talent, native talent, high power talent."

"High level: talent."


All the freshmen in the square took a breath, just because they didn't expect Hu Liang's talent level to be high.

Hu Liang looked at the shock on the faces of all the freshmen. He could not help but be complacent. He turned his eyes to Ye Chen, and his eyes were very conspicuous.

However, he found that ye Chen's face did not fluctuate at all, as if he had not heard the voice broadcast of the talent testing instrument.

Finally, it's time for ye Chen to test his talent.


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