I Copy Talents | Chapter 338 | Wuta Opens

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Chapter 338 Wuta Opens

 Lin Teng, the president of the school, took back the pressure exerted on Ye Chen. Although his face was calm, he was shocked in his heart.

Such a genius appeared in the sea of rage!

Originally, a CHUANNING was not good, but now such a peerless monster as ye Chen shocked him.

God and other talents are the most terrifying talents in the whole martial arts academy and the whole angry sea.

"Ye Chen, would you like to be my disciple?"

Lin Teng looked at Ye Chen and said.

"Yes, but I won't call you teacher." Leaf dust calm as water said.

"Why don't you tell me why?" Lin Teng's old face was slightly stunned.

After pondering for a few seconds, ye dust began to speak: "because I already have a teacher."

President Lin Teng heard the speech and understood it. He couldn't help but show a wry smile. He thought that people like Ye Chen were not qualified to be his teacher.

"I was wrong." Dean Lin Teng looked at Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, why don't we be friends?"

"In the future, when you are in the martial arts academy, no tutor can control you. You can go in and out freely. You don't need to pay Yuanjing to the training room and the Wuta." Director Lin Teng continued.

Leaf dust secretly a smile, he did not expect to say that he had a teacher, got so many benefits.

"Thank you very much, then."

It's just a bastard who doesn't take advantage of the advantages.

After saying that, leaf dust then walked out from the dean's office.

"Dean, how do you..."

Freshman Tutor Wang he looks at Dean Lin Teng in doubt. He doesn't understand why Dean should give ye dust so much welfare.

"River, you should know that there is a fierce beast emperor in the random star sea."

"Dean, you mean...!"

Wang he opened his eyes and couldn't believe it.

"Yes, ye Chen must be the protagonist of the world in the future. Can we not please such people?"

President Lin Teng's words let the freshman tutor Lin he understand thoroughly.

Ye Chen returned to the freshman's college.

"High talent."

"High talent."

"Yellow talent."

The talent of the freshmen in the square appeared in his retina.

When the freshmen saw Ye Chen, their faces were shocked. After all, ye Chen was an insurmountable mountain in their eyes.


In just a few days, Su xun'er became Ye Meng's eldest sister, and every student would call her that way.

Strangely enough, Su xun'er seems to enjoy being called that by her students.

Now all the students in the freshmen's college are ye Meng's people. They have divided their classes and have tutors.

Su xun'er, Ning Feng and Gu Meng are all in charge of the freshman Tutor Wang Ge.

Now they are all practicing in the square.

There is a training tower in the middle of the Xinyuan square. The training tower is called Wuta, which is 33 stories high.

"The pagoda is open!"

I don't know who it is.

All the students in the square looked at the Wu tower.

"Look, there's a ranking on the stone wall."

There is a huge stone wall beside the Wuta. There was no ranking on the stone wall. At the moment when the gate of Wuta opened, the ranking also appeared.

First place: CHUANNING.

Tower floor: Thirty floors.

Training time: one day.


The freshmen in the square looked at the ranking on the stone wall, and they were all shocked.

"CHUANNING was able to practice on the 30th floor for one day, which is too terrible."

All the freshmen looked at each other.


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