I Copy Talents | Chapter 340 | Breakthrough King Of Seven Stars

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Chapter 340 Breakthrough King Of Seven Stars


"Don't you calculate the time for ye Chen to practice on the 33rd floor for three days at most?"


Lin Teng, the Dean, is embarrassed because he also reckons that ye Chen can only practice for three days on the 33rd floor of Wuta.

The students can't describe the shock in their hearts with words. They can't even dream that ye Chen has practiced for eight days on the 33rd floor of Wuta.

The ninth day.

Day 10.

In the tower of terror, his whole body was wet, and his eyes could not move.

On the fifth day, he couldn't hold on to it. He was relying on his own willpower.

"Finally the seven star war king." Ye Chen murmured to herself, "it's time to go out."

Every student who goes into the pagoda to practice, if he wants to come up with a pagoda, he just needs to think about going out.

Suddenly, leaf dust appeared in the gate of Wu tower.

Whew ~

he breathed out a breath and felt his whole body relaxed to the extreme.

"Come out, ye Ge comes out."

The students in the square looked at them in a hurry, and their faces showed shock, joy and dullness, just because ye Chen really gave them too much shock.

Dean Lin Teng and the freshmen tutors saw Ye Chen come out, and they also took a breath, thinking that if ye Chen didn't come out again, they would find a hole to drill in by themselves.

At the moment Ye Chen walked out of the gate of Wuta, the ranking on the stone wall also changed.

First place: ye Chen.

Tower floor: 33 floors.

Training time: ten days.

"This achievement may be unprecedented, and there will be no future." President Lin Teng said.

Su xun'er, Ning Feng and the backbone of Ye Meng all welcome him. They worship ye Chen.

"Brother ye, you are so good. I wish I were half as good as you, No." Ning Feng quickly changed his mouth, "if only I had one tenth of you."

On the day ye dust entered the pagoda, Ning Feng still despised Ye Chen. Even if ye Chen beat him, he still wanted to see ye Chen's jokes in the talent test.

But now, Ning Feng has already admired Ye Chen. He has never admired a person like this. Ye Chen is the first one.

"By the way, ye Ge, one month later, the freshman will try." Su xun'er said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen is not cold to the freshmen's trial. He knows that such a trial will have no effect on him.

"Freshmen try first, can get a broken Wang Dan."

Broken King pill, can let ordinary people gather the existence of talent, is extremely precious, also can greatly improve the whole body attribute of martial arts.

This is How delicious?

Ye Chen smiles to himself, thinking that he is the only one to break Wang Dan.


Ye Chen is suddenly stunned, thinking about what the dean and freshmen tutors are doing here, and their faces are shocked?

Since the dean is here, it also saves him from going to the dean's office.

"Dean, does the college have a tutor who teaches medicine refining?" Ye Chen went to the Dean Lin Teng and said to the president.

Lin Teng, the dean of the school, and all the freshmen's tutors came back to their senses after hearing the speech. They all swallowed and spit. The dust of the leaves really shocked them so much that they couldn't return to their senses for a long time.

"What, what?"

President Lin Teng thought about what ye Chen said to him, and his old face was shocked.

"You, you still want to learn how to refine medicine?"

"Ye Chen, do you know that flame control is the first step in refining medicine?"

Ye Chen smiles, "know, I have controlled the flame."


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