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Chapter 341 God Alchemy

 Lin Teng, the president of the school, and all the freshmen's tutors were shocked when they heard the speech.

It's under control Flame?

They looked at Ye Chen's calm face, and suddenly felt that they were infinitely small in front of Ye Chen.

There are not a few warriors with fire talent in the land of angry sea, but few can control the fire.

Of course, the ordinary yellow flame does not control the flame.

President Lin Teng is the king of the nine star war, one of the elders of the warrior alliance in the east of the angry sea, and one of the elders of the Star River mercenary Corps. His status is too high.

But even he felt his own insignificance in front of Ye Chen.

Is that true?

How he feels like a dream!

Immediately, Dean Lin Teng blinked.


Ye dust see the president is stunned, he can't help but some doubts.

Dean Lin Teng swallowed again, he took the leaf dust to one side.

"Ye Chen, show me your flame?"

The leaf dust hears the speech to spread out the palm, the palm appeared the cyan flame.


Lin Teng took a breath. He didn't believe that ye Chen had controlled the fire. Now it seems to be true.

In the martial arts academy, only one student controlled the flame, which was Chu you. However, Chu you controlled the red flame. Now he has become a first-class pharmacist.

The status of pharmacists in the three continents is highly respected, with a total of ten levels. Wang Yunhe, a fourth level pharmacist, is one of the three continents.

The most proud thing about Dan Wang Yunhe is that he has refined a breakthrough medicine that can break through the realm below the king of war. Of course, the price is extremely expensive and ordinary people can't afford it.

"Ye Chen, did you know that there was a student in the martial arts academy who also controlled the flame, and it was red flame. Now she has become a first-class pharmacist in the association of pharmacists?"

"I don't know."

Ye Chen thinks that he has not been to the east of the Nu sea for a few days. How can he know this.

"Her name is Chu you." President Lin Teng said to Ye Chen.

Chu you!!!

When they got angry with Ben Yip, they got angry in the North Sea.

Now his thunder finger has been successfully cultivated. I don't know how Chu you's red fire palm is. He didn't know that the Dean was talking about Chu you.

"Our martial arts academy also has talents, but you are good enough to control the blue flame." President Lin Teng said.

Ye Chen laughed, "Dean, I also have red flame."


Dean Lin Teng was surprised. Before he could ask questions, he saw the red flame in the hands of Ye Chen.


Lin Teng, the dean of the school, stepped back several steps. His eyes were wide and round.

"Control two kinds of flames at the same time, this, this..."

Dean Lin Teng's voice is a little trembling, you know, Dan Wang Yunhe also just controlled three kinds of flames.

Ye Chen listened to the president's voice, and finally understood Chu you's shock at the tomb of the Ten Star Wars king. It turned out that it was difficult to control two kinds of flames at the same time. Besides, he could use the flames together.


"Congratulations to the host for a random treasure chest."

The sound of the system suddenly appears in Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen thinks that the system is a system, not a super treasure chest or a random treasure box.

Without much thought, he opened the random chest.

"Gain divine level medicine refining skill."

Looking at the magic level medicine refining skill in the random treasure box, ye Chen doesn't know what to say.


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