I Copy Talents | Chapter 342 | The Master Of Dan Wang Yunhe Xue Shan

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Chapter 342 The Master Of Dan Wang Yunhe Xue Shan


"Does the host practice divine level medicine refining?"


“10%… 30%… 60%… 100%?”

"The divine level medicine refining technique was successfully practiced."

With the sound of the system falling, ye Chen's face also appeared a touch of wonderful color.

He also asked the dean if he could make medicine.

"Ye Chen, there is a pharmacist in our college, but..."

However, Lin Teng, the president of the hospital, stopped talking.

After a few seconds, Dean Lin tengcai continued to say:

"he is the master of Dan Wang Yunhe. Because Dan Wang Yunhe wanted to be the first pharmacist in the angry sea, he framed him. He stepped back from the fifth level pharmacist to a lower level pharmacist."

Junior pharmacist?

If you want to become a first-class pharmacist, you must first pass through the third level pharmacist of low, medium and high level.

"But his profession has not regressed. He just can't refine good pills or potions."

Dean Lin Teng whispered to Ye Chen, for fear of being heard by others.

"Take me to meet him." Ye Chen said to the dean.

After practicing the divine level medicine refining technique, ye Chen had enough knowledge about refining medicine in his mind. He was just curious about Dan Wang Yunhe's master.

Dean Lin Teng nodded, and then walked to a secluded forest with leaf dust.

There was a shabby thatched hut in the woods. A strange old man was sitting outside the thatched house. The old man was dishevelled and untidy. He was at least 90 years old.

"Master Xue."

Dean Lin Teng called respectfully to the old man.

"Name: Xue Shan."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: Fire talent, refining medicine talent."

Medicine refining talent?

Ye Chen was stunned, thinking about the talent?


There are four big characters on his retina.


Ye Chen copied the old man's talent for refining medicine.

"You, you, who are you?"

The old man's dirty face was puzzled, and his eyes were dull.

"Master Xue, don't pretend. I know that I'm here for something."

With that, Dean Lin Teng told Xue Shan.

"I don't understand what you're talking about."

Xue Shan shook his head.

"Master Xue, it's true." Dean Lin Teng's face appeared a touch of helplessness.

Ye Chen naturally saw that Xue Shan was pretending to be stupid. He could also understand that he was framed by his beloved apprentice. He fell from the fifth level pharmacist to the lower level pharmacist overnight. No one could stand it.

"Dean, you go first."

Ye Chen said to Director Lin Teng.

"All right." Lin Teng sighed and left here.

"Master Xue, needle grass, Venetian fruit, nine leaves, purple flame."

"Cold yelan, golden needle flower, baolingzhi, shuiyuncao, purple flame."

"Tianchongcao, huolingguo, Zhuguo, geocentric leaf, red flame."

"Lilac, tianxinhua, qingshuiye, bailing grass, black flame."


Ye Chen told Xue Shan about more than ten groups of medicinal materials and the color of the flame. As for what pills could be refined, he did not say.

"You, you know so much?"

There was something strange on Xue Shan's dirty face.

"What the chemist needs is fire, and I!"

Ye Chen spread out his hands, blue, purple, red, black flame, respectively appeared in his hands.


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