I Copy Talents | Chapter 343 | Refining Back To Yuan Dan

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Chapter 343 Refining Back To Yuan Dan

 Xue Shan was the first pharmacist in the land of fury before. He made a very inconsistent action with his identity, that is, he rubbed his eyes.

However, he found that no matter how he rubbed his eyes, there was still a blue purple red black flame in Ye Chen's hands.

"You, how can you have four kinds of flames?"

Xue Shan was absolutely shocked.

"Although you are only a junior pharmacist now, I can see a sense of pride in your eyebrows." Ye Chen looks at Xue Shan.

"Yes, I do..."

Xue Shan sighed.

"I'll never forget that day."

Xue Shan refers to the day that the cloud river poisoned him, which made him fall from the spy overnight.

"By the way, do you have any herbs?"

Ye Chen thought that although he had divine level medicine refining skills and medicine refining talent, he had never refined medicine.


Xue Shan quickly replied.

With that, Xue Shan turned around and went into the shabby thatched cottage, where he took more than a dozen kinds of herbs.

Safflower, white needle grass, fire moon grass.

Ye Chen knew that the three herbs were refined into Huiyuan pills.

Huiyuan pill can instantly restore 50% yuan power. It is an essential pill for martial arts. Huiyuan pill is a kind of elixir.

A product of pills only needs cyan flame refining, need to control the flame to the point of perfect, otherwise it is very likely to refining failure.

After that, Xue Shan took a furnace tripod to refine medicine.

Ye Chen began to refine medicine.

Because of the existence of God level medicine refining and medicine refining talent, it is too simple to refine Huiyuan pill.

A few minutes later.

There was a burst of blue light in the furnace cauldron, and a blue pill appeared in front of Xue Shan, the leaf dust.

When Xue Shan looked at the green elixir in the cauldron, he was shocked because he had never seen such a pure Huiyuan pill.

"This is the best quality Huiyuan pill I have ever seen."

Xue Shan exclaimed to Ye Chen.

If we distinguish the quality of pills, we should distinguish them by color. If the color of two Huiyuan pills is deeper, then whose grade is better.

Naturally, ye Chen's face did not fluctuate at all, thinking about God level medicine refining and medicine refining talent was still terrible.

"If only we could refine Guben pill."

Xue Shan's old face suddenly sighed.

Ye Chen naturally knows what Guben Dan is.

People like Xue Shan, whose Qi and blood are declining, can return to the peak as long as they eat Guben pills.

Of course, if you want to refine Guben pills, the conditions are too harsh, just medicinal materials let people stop.

"To refine solid pills, huilongye, Tianshan Xuelian, and chihuobaoguo are needed."

"I only have huilongye now, others..."

Xue Shan did not continue to say, his old face has a burst of desolation.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for getting a random treasure chest. "

Suddenly, the sound of the system appears in Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen is surprised to himself, thinking that he got a random treasure chest just now. What's the matter today?

Without much thought, ye Chen opened the random treasure box:

"get Tianshan snow lotus."

Looking at the things obtained in the random treasure box, ye Chen is a little boring. He thinks that he has won the Tianshan snow lotus. Isn't he asking him to help Xue Shan in disguise?


Still need red fire treasure fruit.

"Do you have huilongye?"


Xue Shan didn't understand why Ye Chen suddenly asked such a question.


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