I Copy Talents | Chapter 345 | Go To The Cave Of Red Fire

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 345 Go To The Cave Of Red Fire

 "I'm Ye Chen."

Ye Chen said to the middle-aged man.

"Hello, I'm a mercenary of Hesha team. Now please go and test your state to see if you are suitable to join us."

Ye Chen is not surprised at Xu Jun's words. After all, if there is no detection, then who can join the team at random?


He didn't want to expose his realm yet, so he chose to suppress his realm.

He suppressed himself to a five-star general, just like Xu Jun.

Immediately, he and Xu Jun went to a state detection instrument, and he put his hand on the state detection instrument.

Five star war general!

Looking at the four big characters on the boundary detection instrument, Xu Jun's face can not help but show a smile of joy.

"Congratulations, you have become a member of our river sand team."

"After you join our river sand team, our river sand team will be full, and the success rate of looking for red fire treasure fruit in red fire land will be even greater."

Listen to Xu Jun's words, ye Chen's face can not help but appear a wonderful color.

"Ye Chen, I will take you to the team Hall of our Hesha team now."

Said, Xu Jun then took leaf dust to the team Hall of the river sand team.

After arriving at the Hesha team hall, there were about 20 people inside.

"High talent."

"High talent."

"Yellow talent."

The talent information of the mercenaries in Hesha team appears in Ye Chen's retina, and their talent is not high.

"This is the new comer."

A man came up.

"Hello, I'm Mo Feng, the leader of Hesha team."

Team leader Mo Feng extended his hand to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen also stretched out his hand and held it together with Mo Feng.

"Name: Mo Feng."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: high power talent, low speed talent."

"Realm: Nine Star War general."

Ye Chen introduced himself to more than 20 mercenaries in Hesha.

Then they went to the cave of red fire.

More than 50 teams have gone to the cave of red fire to find the red fire fruit.

The cave of red fire is a certain distance from Wucheng, but not too far. One day later, all the mercenaries of Hesha team went to the cave of red fire.

The cave of red fire is a gathering place of fierce animals, with a large area. The fierce animals inside are also extremely fierce.

"I hope we can find it."

River sand team leader Mo Feng murmured.

They went into the cave of red fire.

As soon as I entered the red fire cave, I encountered more than 20 fire striped insects of primary animal soldier level.

More than 20 fireflies looked at the mercenaries in the river sand group and roared at them one after another.

Ye Chen didn't do it, and he didn't need to. After all, the fire mark insect was just a junior beast soldier level fierce beast.

In just one minute, the mercenaries solved more than 20 fireflies.

"They're really bad flies."

A female mercenary disdains to look at the body of the fire mark insect on the ground and says.

With that, the maid looked at Ye Chen.

"If I didn't read it wrong, you didn't seem to have done it?" "We are looking for people who can help us, not flowers in the greenhouse," sneered the maid's face

The words of a maid soldier are probably the funniest joke after ye Chen came to this world.

He did not intend to pay attention to the maids.

What he didn't expect was that the maid soldier refused to give up.


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