I Copy Talents | Chapter 346 | Dont You Want To See Me Make A Move

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Chapter 346 Dont You Want To See Me Make A Move

 "Name: Zhang Xue."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: high speed talent."

"Realm: eight star war general."

Zhang Xue is the deputy leader of Hesha team.

"Ye Chen, you are a five-star general." Zhang Xue stares at the leaf dust, "the fire grain insect is really weak in front of you pitifully, but you dare not hand."

The first level beast is equivalent to one star to four-star master of martial arts.

As soon as Zhang Xue said this, all the mercenaries of Hesha team looked at Ye Chen, just because they were also very confused. They thought that ye Chen would not really be the flower in the greenhouse. If they dare not, why join them.

"Answer my question." Zhang Xue looks at Ye Chen and says.

"I just don't think it's necessary." Ye Chen said slowly.


Zhang Xue smiles coldly. She naturally knows that ye Chen is lying. She thinks that ye Chen is calm, but she has already been flustered like an old dog.


Suddenly, a fierce animal's roar came into the ears of the mercenaries of the river sand team.

All the mercenaries followed the sound and found that it was a senior beast soldier level fierce beast, the Striped shadow snake.

Ye Chen met the Striped shadow snake in the transit forest of east base city. However, his strength at that time was far from being comparable with that of the present. Now, the Striped shadow snake is not worth mentioning in front of him.

"Don't let everyone do it. Leave the Striped shadow snake to Ye Chen." Zhang Xue said to the mercenaries.

The mercenaries of Hesha team nodded, and the captain Mo Feng did not object, because he also wanted to see whether ye Chen dared to fight.

I saw the senior beast soldier level fierce beast striped shadow snake toward the river sand team crazy attack.

All the mercenaries look at Ye Chen, and they find that ye Chen is still standing in the same place with a calm face, without any intention to move.

"What's the matter?"

All the mercenaries are stunned, thinking about ye Chen, are they really afraid to fight?

How dare a five-star war general dare not attack a senior beast? What's the reason?

River sand team leader Mo Feng looked at such a scene, but also some disappointment. But he still thought that if ye dust really did not dare to hand, it had to be done by him.

The senior Orc level fierce beast, the Striped shadow snake, has reached Ye Chen's body and opened its mouth to make a terrifying roar.

Ye Chen suddenly turned around and said to the mercenaries of the river sand team: "you don't want to see me do it, so I'll show you."


A bolt of lightning burst out from the palm of leaf dust.

The power of lightning hit the body of the Striped shadow snake heavily. The color of the whole body of the Striped shadow snake suddenly changed, and the smell of burning came to your face.

Flash Lightning talent?

All the mercenaries in the river sand team were shocked, and they were staring at Ye Chen.

The leaf dust showed a side face.

"Are you satisfied now?"

All the mercenaries looked embarrassed when they heard this. They thought Ye Chen didn't dare to do it, but they didn't think ye Chen had the lightning talent in nature.

"Yes, I'm sorry."

Zhang Xue, deputy leader of Hesha team, looks at Ye Chen in embarrassment.

"It's OK. I don't care." Ye Chen said.

After the captain Mo Feng breathed a long breath, his face showed a touch of surprise.

"I didn't expect Ye Chen to be a super genius with lightning talent. We didn't expect that."

With the lightning talent of leaf dust, their safety in the cave of red fire is more secure.


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