I Copy Talents | Chapter 347 | The Shock Of The Hesha Team

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Chapter 347 The Shock Of The Hesha Team

 The mercenaries of Hesha team began to search for the red fire fruit outside the cave of red fire.

After searching for a long time, we didn't find the shadow of red fire fruit. Not even a shadow of the team was seen.

"Captain, do you think they are all in the depths of the cave of red fire?" Xu Jun said to team leader Mo Feng.

"Very likely." Team leader Mo Feng nodded.

Soon, the river sand team also went deep.

As soon as they entered the depths, they heard the sound of panic.


The mercenaries of Hesha group looked up and found that dozens of them were running away. Behind them, there was a fierce beast as terrible as this.

The fierce beast is ten feet tall and has steel bones.

"High level beast general level fierce beast, Xuan Steel fierce cow!"

The voice of Zhang Xue, vice leader of Hesha team, was shaking.


The mercenary who was chased by Xuangang fierce ox was beaten to death by its huge palm. It was really miserable to watch.

"Look at the breath that Xuangang fierce ox sends out, this Xuan Steel fierce ox is afraid to be equivalent to ten star war general." Said Xu Jun, swallowing his mouth.

All the mercenaries of the river sand team all looked at the captain Mo Feng, waiting for the captain Mo Feng to give the order.


Mo Feng drinks a way.

On hearing this, all the mercenaries of Hesha team began to retreat.

Xuangang fierce ox, a senior beast general, is about to rush over. More than a dozen mercenaries have been killed by it.

The rest of the mercenaries all fled at the fastest speed ever.

"Captain, ye Chen is still in place!"

Xu Jun yelled.

The mercenaries of Hesha team looked at Ye Chen and found that ye Chen was still there, as if he had not seen Xuan Steel fierce ox coming to him.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing there? Retreat quickly!" Team leader Mo Feng shouts at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen showed a side face and said to the team leader Mo Feng: "you don't need to retreat. It's just a senior beast general level fierce beast."

Hearing this, all the mercenaries of Hesha team were shocked because they couldn't believe it. Why did ye Chen dare to say such a thing.

Ye Chen is only a five-star war general, but Xuangang fierce ox is a senior beast general level fierce beast. Even if ye Chen has lightning talent, he can never be the opponent of Xuangang fierce ox.


Suddenly, Xuan Steel fierce ox to leaf dust's body.

"It's over."

River sand team leader Mo Feng sighed, he knew that leaf dust will not have any possibility of survival. The mercenaries have also guessed the end of Ye Chen.

Xuangang fierce ox, a fierce beast of senior general level, roared at Ye Chen, and then beat Ye dust fiercely.

Ye Chen blows away with a fist, and the invisible terror force inspired by giant power talent flies out from his fist.


The invisible terrorist force hit the body of Xuangang fierce ox, which was a senior general level beast. Xuangang fierce ox was instantly blasted into pieces.

Silence, silence!

All the mercenaries in the river sand team opened their eyes. Their faces were shocked to the extreme, as if they had seen a scene that would never be seen.

"Captain, ye, how can ye dust be so terrible?" Xu Jun swallow saliva, Zheng Zheng to the captain Mo Feng said.

"What ye Chen shows is great power talent. Otherwise, it is impossible that Xuangang fierce ox will be blown to pieces before his fist is hit on his body." Captain Mo Feng said in horror.

Zhang Xue, deputy leader of Hesha team, is petrified and frozen in place. Thinking of the previous query about ye Chen, she suddenly feels that she is ridiculous to the extreme.


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