I Copy Talents | Chapter 348 | Scarlet Fire Spider

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Chapter 348 Scarlet Fire Spider

 Ye Chen used the great power talent to kill Xuangang fierce ox, a senior beast general. All the mercenaries in Hesha team thought of it.

That is Ye Chen's hidden realm!

Otherwise, even if you have the talent of colossal power, you can't kill Xuan Steel fierce ox with one blow.

At the thought of this, the mercenaries of Hesha team can't help but stare at each other again. They saw Ye Chen's lightning talent before, and now it's giant talent, plus hidden realm.

For a moment, all the mercenaries of the river sand team were stupefied.

Ye Chen looked at the fixed look on the faces of the mercenaries in the Hesha team, but he was puzzled and asked:

"what's the matter with you?"

For a long time, the mercenaries came back from their astonishment. They looked at the puzzled look on Ye Chen's face, and they were all shocked.

"Ye Chen, what kind of realm are you

River sand team leader Mo Feng startled looking at leaf dust asked.

As soon as this was said, the mercenaries also looked at Ye Chen, and they all wanted to know what ye Chen was.

"If I say." Leaf dust light glance at the front of the mercenaries, "I am the seven star war king, you will believe it?"

Naturally, the mercenaries of Hesha team would not believe it. CHUANNING, the first day of the martial arts academy, was not the king of six-star war.

If ye Chen doesn't say anything, they can't go on questioning. All of a sudden, the faces of all the mercenaries were excited. With the existence of such terror as ye Chen, they had nothing to fear in the depths of the red fire cave.

Ye Chen shakes his head secretly, thinking that he has already said the real realm, but they don't believe it, and he has no way.

Immediately, they continue to look for the red fire treasure fruit.

After an hour, the sky is getting dark. If they can't find any more red fire fruits, they have to leave. The cave of red fire at night is much more terrifying than during the day.

"Look, what is that?"

Rabbit, river sand team vice leader Zhang Xue exclaimed.

The mercenaries looked at it quickly and found that there was a small red fire tree not far away from them.

The red fire tree is not high, the leaves are also red fire, there is a red fire fruit on it.

"This is..." Team leader Mo Feng swallows a mouth to spit, "red fire treasure fruit?"

All the mercenaries in Hesha group only felt that happiness came too suddenly. Several mercenaries quickly walked to the red fire tree, ready to pick the red fire fruit.



A fierce red beast appeared. The fierce beast opened its mouth and a fire gushed out of its mouth. Several mercenaries were burned into nothingness in an instant.

"Ah Qiang! waiter! Wu Tian

Team leader Mo Feng yelled, his eyes are already red.

"Red fire spider: fierce beast."

"Talent: Fire talent."

"Rank: Junior beast king level fierce beast."

Ye Chen shakes his head secretly, thinking that the fierce beast is the fierce beast. The spider used to spin silk, but now it is spitting fire.

The red fire devil spider beside the red fire tree stares at the mercenaries of the river sand team, and will attack them at any time.

"Captain, this seems to be the red fire devil spider of the primary beast king level."

Zhang Xue, the vice captain, said in horror.

"It's OK. It's just the junior beast king."

The sound of leaf dust came into their ears.

Captain Mo Feng and all the mercenaries are stunned, where to think that ye Chen will say such words.

Junior beast king level fierce beast nothing more?

You should know that there is an insurmountable gap between the junior beast king and the senior beast general.


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