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Chapter 351 Kaibuin

 Ye Chen and the mercenaries of Hesha team returned to the city of Wu base.

Although they were taken away by leaf dust, they also got more than 10 million yuan crystal compensation. Most importantly, if there was no leaf dust, they might not have hair.

Ye Chen didn't stay too much in the team Hall of Hesha team. He learned from Mo Feng that the red fire treasure fruit can only bear a fruit a year.

Fortunately, he was lucky, otherwise he would have another year.

Back at the freshman's college, he walked directly to the secluded woods, and reached the back of the Shabby Cottage. When Xue Shan saw that ye Chen came back, a touch of joy appeared on his old face.

"How are you, master?"

"Red fire fruit." Leaf dust slightly nodded, looked at the sun in the sky, "found."

As soon as he said this, Xue Shanru was shocked.

"Really, really found it?"

At this time, Xue Shan did not know how to describe his old face. He was complex, dull, happy and astonished.


With that, ye Chen took out the snow lotus and red fire fruit in the system space.

Xue Shan looks at the Tianshan snow lotus and the red fire Baoguo in Ye Chen's hand, and his whole body trembles.

Ye Chen sighed, but he didn't think that Guben pill was a six grade pill. How could he bear the cauldron that he refined Huiyuan pill.

Obviously, Xue Shan also thought of this.

"Master Xue, do you know where to get a good cauldron?"

Ye Chen looks at Xue Shan to ask a way, he and Xue Shan both call each other elder.

Xue Shan was silent for a moment, "yes, there is. It's in the elder's identity. Maybe the elder won't go."

"A month later, there will be a talent pharmacist competition to the east of Nu Hai in Wuji City Pharmacist Association, and the winner can get a dragon pattern tripod."

Listen to Xue Shan's words, ye Chen's face appeared a touch of wonderful color.

"Ye Chen, you, would you like to go?"

Xue Shan looks at Ye Chen in astonishment. He thinks that ye Chen knows so much professional knowledge and can refine such pure Huiyuan pills. That is, he has never been able to refine such Huiyuan pills before.

"In fact." Ye Chen thought for a few seconds, then said to Xue Shan, "I'm not a pharmacist yet."


Xue Shan took a breath of cold air and looked at the leaf dust in horror.

Is it not a pharmacist who can refine such pure Huiyuan pill?

Can you believe it?

"Why are you so surprised? I'm not a pharmacist."

Xue Shan thought to himself that the elder is worthy of being an elder. He has such a terrifying skill in refining medicine that he can be so modest.

Ye Chen thinks the journey is really full.

It wasn't long before I was a freshman. After that, I went to the talent pharmacist competition.

There are about ten days to go before the freshman Dabi, and ye Chen is ready to go to the Wu tower to spend the ten days.


Ten days later.

Ye Chen came out of the 33rd floor of the pagoda, and he made a permanent record for it.

Tomorrow is the freshman contest.

Ye Chen wants to take advantage of this time to walk on the streets of wujidi city.

It seems that the old school hasn't opened yet. I don't know when it will start.

On the street, all kinds of people came into Ye Chen's eyes, and their cultivation talent also appeared in his retina.

"High talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

Suddenly, a dirty boy bumped into him head-on.


The boy was knocked to the ground.


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