I Copy Talents | Chapter 353 | Freshman Competition Begins

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Chapter 353 Freshman Competition Begins

 "Are you a refugee colony?"

Ye Chen looks at Shi San and asks.

Stone three smell speech quickly nodded, "yes, elder."

"Master, I'll tell you a secret quietly." Shi San's dirty little face suddenly became mysterious.

Leaf dust a smile, think can have what secret.

"I heard Huang's blood hiding in the room, because I heard Huang's hiding in the room."

Dragon Dragon blood?

Ye Chen was shocked.

Dragon blood is the most precious blood in the world, and now there is no dragon race in this world.

"Yes, Huang Kui said it was on the west mountain where the refugees were gathering."

Ye Chen has some doubts. If this is the case, how could Huang Kui know.

He was a little disappointed. He thought that he might as well go to the refugee gathering place after tomorrow's big contest.


New big than the broken Wang Dan, to tell the truth, he did not have any effect, but it has a great effect on stone three.

Broken Wang Dan to stone three words, enough to change the sound of stone three.

It's just because Po Wang Dan can make ordinary people gather their talents.

"Master, where are we going now?"

Shi San's thin face has some doubts.

"Martial arts academy."

Shi Sanzheng is in the same place.

Of course, he has heard of the military academy in the east of Nu Hai.

He swallowed and spit and looked at Ye Chen's back. Naturally, he didn't expect Ye Chen to be a student of the martial arts academy.

Before long, ye Chen went to the martial arts academy.

He took Shi San to Xue Shan, and then he went to the dormitory to have a rest.

Finally, the next day arrived.

The freshmen's Hospital, thousands of new students all appeared in the square.

The freshmen will be the first to get the broken Wang Dan.

In addition to condensing cultivation talents for ordinary people, it can also increase the whole body attributes of martial arts.

Ye Chen did not wait for the freshman tutor to speak, he walked on the arena in the square.

"I'm the first. You should have no objection."

Ye Chen said to thousands of students in the square. He can't wait to go to the refugee gathering place, thinking that although the dragon blood affair is very likely to be false, it is always right not to look at it in the past.

Thousands of students are now ye Meng's people. When they heard this, they all looked envious and adored.

Only because they all think that ye Chen is too aggressive.

"Ye Ge, although you are terrible, I still want to fight with you."

Suddenly, a student stepped onto the challenge arena.

The students are strong, and their whole body can show their sense of effort.

"Name: Zhang lang."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: native talent."

"Realm: a star wars king."

Ye Chen thinks that Zhang Lang is not bad.

But the name, Zhang Lang, cockroaches?

It's kind of interesting.

"Come on."

Ye Chen said to Zhang Lang.

"Brother ye, be careful." Zhang Lang looked at Ye Chen, "my strength is very big."

The sound falls, Zhang Lang rushes toward the leaf dust.

As he approached Ye Chen, Zhang Lang raised his fist and showed his strength with native talent.

However, compared with the leaf dust, his power is one sky and one underground.

Ye Chen looked at the fist, he put up a finger, urge the talent of giant force.

The fingers and fists collided.

All the freshmen in the square know that this will be a battle without suspense.

Sure enough, Zhang Lang flew backwards out of the ring and fell to the ground. He had lost his fighting power.


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