I Copy Talents | Chapter 354 | Go To A Refugee Gathering Place

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Chapter 354 Go To A Refugee Gathering Place


Although all the freshmen in the square knew that this was a battle without suspense, they could not help but take a breath when they saw such a scene.

"Ye Ge is really terrible."

"Who said no, even if it was the first day of the martial arts academy, CHUANNING was just like this in front of Ye Ge."

"So the first day of martial arts academy is CHUANNING."

All the students were talking.

"I'm number one. Who has any objection?"

Ye Chen glanced at the students in the square.

Where do the students dare to disagree? They shake their heads.

The freshmen tutors also laughed bitterly. This is the first time that the Academy of martial arts has been determined the fastest since it opened. Who made the martial arts academy produce such a rebellious genius.

Thinking of Ye Chen's talent, they couldn't help but get a burst of hair.

Ye Chen got the broken Wang Dan.

He was not interested in watching the next battle.

When he came to the shabby thatched cottage, the third stone saw the dust coming, and he rushed to meet him.

"Master, you are here."

Ye Chen nodded, and he handed the broken Wang Dan to Shi San, "this is the broken Wang Dan. After eating, you can condense the cultivation talent."

Stone three smell speech whole body a shock, astonished looking at leaf dust, only feel oneself is to hear wrong general.

"Eat it."

Shi San's hands are shaking violently. He takes the broken Wang Dan in Ye Chen's hand, and swallows it without thinking.

All of a sudden, Shi San felt that there was a strong force in his body impacting his internal organs.

A moment later, ye Chen checks the talent of stone three again.

"High talent."

Ye Chen is surprised, thinking of breaking Wang Dan so fierce?

He thought that the most common talent was medium talent, but he didn't think it was high talent.

"I, I have talent?"

Stone three murmured to himself, thin face seems to have solidified.

"Well, advanced talent." Ye Chen said to Shi San.


Suddenly, stone three is kneeling in front of Ye Chen's body, heavily to Ye Chen knock three ring head.

"The great kindness of the elder, I will never forget it!"

Ye Chen smiles to himself, thinking that the world also has this set?

Although he didn't like others kneeling for him, he didn't stop Shi San because he knew that Shi San had to do something to vent his joy.

The next day.

Ye Chen and Shi San arrived at the refugee gathering place.

The gathering place of the refugees is not in the city of Takeji, but it belongs to the city.

"No talent."

"No talent."

"No talent."

After checking dozens of people, they didn't have cultivation talent.

"Master, where are we going now?"

Shi San asked Ye Chen. Although he had the talent of advanced cultivation, he had not practiced, and he didn't even have the realm of forging body.

"Find Huang Kui." Ye Chen said slowly.

What, what?

Shi Sanyi was surprised, only thought that he had heard something wrong.


He remembered the identity of Ye Chenwu college student and summoned up his courage to take ye Chen to jiushe headquarters.

The nine snakes organization, the most powerful organization in the refugee gathering area, controls everything in the refugee gathering area.

Half an hour later, ye Chen and Shi San appeared in front of the nine snake headquarters.


In the eyes of Ye Chen and Shi, it was a dozen men who met on the street of Wuji city that day.

More than a dozen men were stunned. They didn't think ye Chen really dared to come. They also thought that if ye Chen didn't come, they would report to the leader and ask him to organize a killer to kill him.


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