I Copy Talents | Chapter 355 | Dont Cherish The Chance To Survive

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Chapter 355 Dont Cherish The Chance To Survive

 After looking at them for a long time, all of them were shocked to see that they had been playing with the stone for a long time.

"Heaven has a way, you don't go, hell has no door, you vote, it's ridiculous!"

Five star war general man to leaf dust and stone three cold smile.

The thick egg behind the stone, afraid of the dust.

Ye Chen's face is as calm as water. He looks at the five-star general in front of him.

"Go, call it out, your chief."

More than a dozen men were stunned. They didn't expect Ye Chen to be so calm. However, they were relieved and thought that since Ye Chen dared to come, he should not be afraid.

It's just

A dozen men suddenly gave a cold smile. This world has never been a world in which courage can dominate.

"Our leader has gone to the west mountain. I'm afraid you won't have a chance to see it."

The five-star general said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen asked the leader of nine snakes to come out to ask about dragon blood. Since he went to Xishan, he didn't need to stay here.

Just when ye Chen and Shi San are ready to leave, the voice of a five-star general comes from behind.

"What place do you think this is? This is the headquarters of nine snakes. Do you think you can come if you want to, and you can go if you want to go?"

"I should also tell you that this is not the same as Takeji city. We killed you here, that is to say, we killed you."

When ye Chen hears the speech, he turns back. He is not surprised at the fact that refugees can kill people.

He glanced at a dozen men in front of him lightly, "I have given you a chance to live. Why don't you cherish it?"

The five-star war will be a man furious, he ordered, more than a dozen men will be ye dust and stone three surrounded.

More than a dozen men are nine snake's minions and three-star generals.

"Do you think you are strong when you say a few harsh words?" The five-star general looked at Ye Chen with disdain.

He didn't want to kill people, but he didn't want to kill them.

As the saying goes, God's evil can still be forgiven, and self sin cannot live.

"Come here." Ye Chen looked at the five-star general, "let me kill you."

Shi San's whole body was shaking at the moment, because he felt that his life was not long.

Hearing this, the five-star war general man was even more angry. He yelled at a dozen men who surrounded Ye Chen and Shi San: "kill them!"

The voice falls, a dozen men then toward leaf dust and stone three hit.

Ye Chen punches out!

The invisible sonic boom inspired by the talent of colossal force directly hit several men in front.


Several men suddenly fly out, their bodies have been sunken in, after falling on the ground, where there is a little bit of life.

The rest of the minions, looking at such a scene, were all shocked. How dare they continue to attack Ye Chen and Shi San.

"Use, attack with martial arts, attack with martial arts!"

Looking at such a scene, the five-star war general man was shocked to the extreme. He cried out in a hurry.

Then, the remaining nine minions began to show their martial arts to Ye Chen and Shi San.

In fact, their skills are very weak.

Ye Chen's two fists again!

The terror power shown by the sonic boom knocked all the nine men upside down, and their bodies sank in, and they died with no sleep.


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