I Copy Talents | Chapter 356 | The Origin Of Dragon Blood

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Chapter 356 The Origin Of Dragon Blood

 The five-star war will be the man's soul shaken up, the whole body's strength seems to be drained of general, powerless paralyzed on the ground.

The look in his eyes was so terrified!

"I said so." Ye Chen looked at the paralytic five-star general man, "I have given you a chance to live, but you don't cherish it."

Shi San has been stupefied. He thought he was going to die soon. However, the appearance of this scene made him know ye Chen at the top.

In his opinion, ye Chen is a student of the martial arts academy and a super genius. What he never dreamed of was that ye Chen was so strong.

"Please, please."

The five-star war general men's desire to survive burst, kneeling on the ground to Ye Chen for mercy.

But Ye Chen certainly will not choose to let him go.

He hit again, sonic boom!

The five-star general fell to the ground and died.

At the moment, it seems that the sun shines on the face of the original leaf, but it's a God in the world.

Looking at this kind of leaf dust, Shi San couldn't help but sit down on the ground.

"You'd better not go to Xishan with me. Now that you have the talent of advanced cultivation, go and become a warrior."

Ye Chen said slowly to Shi San.

The sound falls, he then walked slowly to leave here, leaving only stone three one face stunned stiff in place.


West Mountain.

Ye Chen comes to the bottom of the western mountain. He thinks about the matter of Xishan dragon blood. Few people should know about it. At least other forces don't know except the nine snake organization.

He jumped up to a tree, and began to shuttle quickly on the tree. Soon, he reached the top of the mountain.

"Lord Wu, do you really have dragon blood?"

"Of course, can I deceive you?"

The two men come into Ye Chen's eyes, but because the distance is more than 10 meters, ye Chen can't see their talent and realm.

One of the two men was a man with a strong back and a face full of flesh. The other is extremely thin, sharp nosed, wearing a broad white robe, without a bit of blood on his face, just like a vampire.

"It took us five years to train and finally found this place. As long as we found the dragon blood, my blood training can be revived again."

The man in white clothes laughed ferociously.

Ye Chen continues to listen to their conversation in the tree. From the mouth of the man in white robe, he knows why dragon blood appears in Xishan.

Thirty years ago, Xiao Cangtian, the most powerful man in the east of the Nu sea, once entered the chaotic star sea and obtained a real dragon treasure blood, which was later stolen by the leader of the blood refining sect.

Xiao Cangtian was angry and destroyed the whole blood refining sect, but the dragon blood was not found. Xiao Cangtian got dragon blood in the chaotic star sea. Others didn't know about it. So for 30 years, only blood refining education was looking for dragon blood.

Xiao Cangtian lost his dragon blood and died in depression!

Ye Chen listened to the words of the man in white robe. He could not help but look forward to it. He thought that if this was the case, there might be dragon blood in Xishan.

Dragon blood, real dragon blood!

That's the precious blood that can forge the body. As long as you drink the real dragon blood, your constitution will be 100 times stronger and forge the real dragon treasure body.

Ye Chen is not ready to appear immediately, he wants to come to a mantis to catch cicada, yellow finch in the back.

All of them have all kinds of tools.

All ready, chief


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