I Copy Talents | Chapter 357 | True Dragon Blood Comes Out

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Chapter 357 True Dragon Blood Comes Out


Huang Kui, leader of the nine snakes, yelled, and hundreds of people began to dig into the designated area.

After digging for hours, I don't know who yelled:

"there's a bottle!"

Suddenly, everyone looked into the pit.

At this time, they all held their breath.

What they saw was a small bottle the size of a thumb, but the blood inside was extremely domineering. From such a distance, they could feel its domineering leakage.

They even heard the sound of the dragon.

He was so excited that his pupils were shocked.

"This, is this the real dragon blood?"

Nine snake leader Huang Kui swallows saliva and looks at the white robed man in horror.

"Cluck, I finally found it!"

The white robed man made a very gloomy laugh, "Huang Kui, let them take out the dragon blood quickly."

Hearing this, Huang Kui quickly nodded and asked people to take the dragon's blood.

Before long, the dragon blood was in the hands of the white robed man.

"Dragon blood, dragon blood!"

The whole body of the white robed man was shaking violently, without a trace of blood color of his face. He looked extremely terrible.

Is this excitement?

It's a pity that Mantis catches cicadas, and yellow finches are behind!

"Give me the dragon blood."

A slightly lazy voice came into everyone's ears.

All the people looked at it intently and found that a young man who was rich in God and handsome did not know when he appeared in front of them.

The boy looks eighteen or nine years old, with a lazy look on his face, and he is spreading his hand to the man in white robe.

"Name: woosen."

"Cultivation talent: prefecture level."

"Hidden talent: Blood talent."

"Realm: two star war king."

Although Ye Chen didn't know what the blood talent was, he didn't choose to copy it.

He looked again at the man next to woosen.

"Name: Huang Kui."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: high power talent, low speed talent."

"Realm: a star wars king."

Huang Kui is the leader of the nine snakes organization in the refugee gathering area.

They did not expect that the dust would suddenly appear.

"Who are you?"

Wusen stares at Ye Chen. His ferocious face is even more terrible in the sunlight.

"It doesn't matter who I am." Ye Chen looked at wusen, "the important thing is that you give me the dragon blood."


Woodson again let out a hair tingling laugh, "I'm afraid you don't have the ability."

Quinson gave nine eyes to the snake.

Huang Kui understood wusen's meaning and said:

"kill him!"

On hearing the words, hundreds of martial artists of the nine snake organization rushed to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen takes out the Juxing Epee from the system space, and the low-level Star Steel weapons flash with cold light.

"Split the king to cut!"

The Tu Xing Epee was cut down heavily, and a terrible sword was cut out. The land under his feet was split and the trees were cut off.

Shua Shua Shua!

With just one blow, hundreds of warriors were killed and wounded.


Wu Sen and Huang Kui watched this scene, and they were all frightened.

"Now." Ye Chen looked at wusen, "can you give me the dragon blood?"

Quiet, dead silence.

"Huang Kui, you go up!"

After a few seconds, wusen said to Huang Kui.

But even if Huang Kui is stupid, he knows that he can't be ye Chen's opponent. Where does he dare to go.

After struggling for a few seconds, Huang Kui turned around and ran at the fastest speed ever.


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