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Chapter 358 True Dragon Treasure Body

 Ye Chen looks at Huang Kui's fleeing figure.

Since his Juxing Epee has appeared in the world, naturally he will not let a person leave alive.


Ye Chen raised his fist.

Empty fist!

At present, it is his unique skill to suppress the bottom of the box. Only those who are gifted with five aspects can cultivate this skill.

With one punch, the five colors of gold, wood, water, fire and earth interweave together, forming a huge fist shadow.

The huge fist shadow formed by the force of five colors pushes to Huang Kui horizontally.

Huang Kui, the leader of the nine snakes organization, turned to see if ye Chen had come after him, but he found out that such a terrible attack hit him.

His pupils began to contract rapidly, and the huge five color fist shadow had filled his eyes.


A terrible explosion suddenly appeared, and Huang Kui was crushed to pieces.

Wusen swallowed his spit. He turned back slightly and looked back. However, he found a hole with a diameter of several tens of meters appeared on the wall not far away.

Suddenly, he stepped back a few steps and looked at the young man in front of him in horror.

"Give me the dragon blood." Ye Chen looked at wusen and said slowly.

Wusen can't say a complete sentence. The cold sweat has wet his whole body, and a warm current overflows between his legs.

After a long time, wusen finally said something. He looked at Ye Chen and said coldly:

"I will not give you dragon blood."

Listening to wusen's words, a sneer appeared on Ye Chen's face.

"In fact, even if you hand over the dragon blood, your end is nothing more than a dead word."

The sound falls, and ye Chen is very fast, but in an instant he comes to wusen's body and punches him out.

The talent of terror, the great power of the earth.

Wusen, the king of the two-star war, can't resist such a blow.

Woosen, die.

Ye Chen takes up the dragon blood in wusen's hand.

Without much thought, he opened the lid and drank it in one gulp!


Suddenly, the leaf dust pours out a cool breath.

Pain, intense pain. He only felt the bones of his whole body crackling, like countless poisonous insects gnawing at his whole body.

The sweat has wet the whole body of Ye Chen. The pain is really terrible. He has to rely on willpower to persist. He knows that as long as he sticks to it, he can achieve the true dragon body.

I don't know how long it took, and the pain finally dropped.

Until the pain disappeared, ye Chen pinched his fist, and the blue veins on his arm sprang up with great strength.


"Congratulations to host on becoming king of eight Star Wars."

"Thanks to the host's achievement of the true dragon treasure body, congratulations on the host's acquisition of a super treasure chest."

The true dragon body is the most terrible constitution in the three continents.

Ye Chen opened the super treasure box he got:

"congratulations to the host for obtaining the sky level low-level martial arts skill of" smashing the king of heaven! "

"Ding! It has been detected that the split King chopper and the avalanche King behead can fuse. Is the host fusing

Listening to the sound of the system in his mind, ye Chen's face could not help showing a touch of wonderful color.


After a few seconds, the voice of the system sounded again in Ye Chen's mind:

"split the earth King chop, the collapsing Sky King chop has been integrated into the sky level intermediate martial arts skills of the sky level.

Ye Chen is very satisfied, thinking that this visit to the refugee gathering area can be said to have made a lot of money.

Most importantly, he got the real dragon body.

He now belongs to the whole body, which is more than 100 times stronger than before. Compared with the point attribute of breaking Wang Dan, it is a heaven and an earth.

He is now the king of eight Star Wars, but he can definitely fight against the Ten Star Wars king.

This is the charm of the real dragon body.


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