I Copy Talents | Chapter 359 | Registered Pharmacist

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Chapter 359 Registered Pharmacist

 Ye Chen returned to Wuji city.

Next, we're going to prepare for the pharmacists guild genius pharmacist competition.

As long as you become a few men with Ye Chen, they are not from wujidi, but from other places east of the Nu sea. The two-star gold seal represents the second-class pharmacist.

In front of them, there are stoves and medicinal materials for refining medicine.

The medicinal materials placed in front of Ye Chen are yellow flower leaf, white fruit and star red grass.

This kind of medicinal material is refined into a kind of Dan medicine, Qiangli Dan.

In addition to refining pills, pharmacists can also refine medicines. However, refining medicines requires certain equipment. For example, the army's exclusive pharmacists are specially responsible for refining medicines.

"You can start."

Said a second-class pharmacist to several people.

Ye Chen put the three kinds of medicinal materials into the furnace cauldron, which stimulated the blue flame. God level medicine refining not only gave him professional knowledge in medicine refining, but also let him know how to make medicine.

The talent of refining medicine is to increase the success rate.

Leaf dust spread out his palm, a blue flame appeared in the palm, and the refining began.

Several other middle-aged men's forehead appeared cold sweat, although they can refine a pill, but the failure rate is also very high.

Ye Chen doesn't want to reveal anything at present. The powerful pill, which could be refined in 10 seconds, was deliberately compressed to one minute.

He took back the blue flame, and the powerful pill in the cauldron had been successfully refined.


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