I Copy Talents | Chapter 360 | Refining Pure Blue Power Pill

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Chapter 360 Refining Pure Blue Power Pill

 The smell of medicine floated out of the cauldron.

The three second-order pharmacists and examiners were all shocked. Naturally, they did not expect Ye Chen to refine Qiangli pills so quickly.

Ye Chen looked at the three old men in front of him, and he was also a little surprised. He thought that he had compressed the time. How could they still be so shocked.

He didn't notice that he was refining medicine just now. At the moment, he looked at several middle-aged men beside him and found that they had just started.


Ye Chen shook his head secretly, thinking that he had underestimated the time of refining a pill.

But since it has been refined, so it is.

He took Miguel Dan out of the cauldron.

The powerful pill that appears in Ye Chen's hand is a pure green pill. All the pills are blue in color, but they have different shapes.

To distinguish the quality of a pill, you have to see the color. It is obvious that ye Chen's pure green powerful pill is already the most powerful pill.


The three old men looked at the powerful Dan in Ye Chen's hands, and their old faces were deeply shocked.

"Show me your powerful Dan."

An old man said to Ye Chen.

Leaf dust nodded and immediately handed the pure green powerful Dan to the old man.

The old man took the pure green powerful pill and looked at it carefully. Then he handed it to another old man. The three old people watched the powerful pill refined by leaf dust several times.

At the moment, they just want to say four words:

"so terrible!"

At this time, several middle-aged men's furnace cauldron at the same time, furnace Ding has exploded.

The explosion of furnace tripod is usually the failure of refining.

"You failed in refining. Come back next year."

An old man said to several middle-aged men.

These middle-aged men are all a burst of disappointment, they look at leaf dust refined by the powerful Dan, have exposed a touch of self mockery.

"What's your name, please?"

"Leaf dust."

Ye Chen truthfully said his name, he felt there was nothing to hide.

Naturally, several old people had never heard of Ye Chen's name. They looked at Ye Chen and then said to him:

"I wonder if you are interested in becoming a member of our pharmacists' Association?"

As long as you become a pharmacist, you can greatly improve your status, let alone be a member of the association.

Now, the president of the guild of pharmacists in the land of Nu Hai is Yunhe, who has been given the title of Dan king.

All the three elders firmly believe that ye Chen will not refuse or even agree to consider it, because they don't know how many pharmacists want to join the pharmacists' Association.

However, the lowest requirement for a pharmacist is to refine a second grade light colored pill.

Like the three of them, they can refine the second grade dark pill.

Unfortunately, what they didn't think of was that ye Chen shook his head.

"Forget it."

Ye Chen thinks that after refining the Guben pill, maybe the society of pharmacists will change. Now joining the guild will have no effect.

"Little friend, you, don't you think about it?"

The three old men were all stunned. They could not believe that ye Chen didn't choose to join them.

"No consideration."

Ye Chen said again, his face always calm like water.

All three old men sighed, "well, this is your seal."

An old man handed a one star seal to Ye Chen.


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