I Copy Talents | Chapter 361 | The First Genius Before Wuyuan

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Chapter 361 The First Genius Before Wuyuan

 Ye Chen took over the gold star seal handed by the old man. The one star gold seal was the identity representative of the first-class pharmacist.

"Little friend, you really don't want to join my society of pharmacists?"

An old man looked at Ye Chen and continued to ask.


Finish saying, leaf dust then walked out slowly.

"What a pity."

The sighs of the three elders came from ye Chen's regret.

Ye Chen returns to the New College of martial arts.

The students on the square of the freshmen's college seem to be looking at something.

"Yellow talent."

"Yellow talent."

"Metaphysical talent."

The talent information of the students constantly appears on the retina of Ye Chen.

"CHUANNING has been sitting here for so long, and I don't know what to do."

"You don't know. CHUANNING is not convinced to see that Wu TA's record has been broken by Ye Ge."

"Ye GE's strength we all know, although CHUANNING is also very terrible, can be compared to Ye Ge should be a little worse."

All the students in the square began to talk.

From the words of the students, ye Chen finally understood what was going on.

"Get out of the way. Here comes Ye Ge."

A student exclaimed, and then the students in front of Ye Chen made way for ye Chen one after another.

Su xun'er came to Ye Chen's side. He whispered to Ye Chen: "brother ye, he is CHUANNING, the first genius of the former martial arts academy."

Ye Chen followed Su xun'er's eyes and found a young man, about 20 years old, sitting under the stone wall of the achievement.

Suddenly, the teenager opened his eyes.

"Ha ha."

The young man sneered at Ye Chen and Su xun'er, "what a first genius of the former military academy."

Su xun'er was still afraid of CHUANNING. Listening to CHUANNING's words, she didn't know how to answer.

"You are ye Chen?"

CHUANNING turned his eyes and looked at Ye Chen beside Su xun'er.

"I am Ye Chen. What can I do for you?" Ye Chen asked CHUANNING.


"Cultivation talent: Heaven level."

"Hidden talent: five phase talent, fist power talent."

CHUANNING's talent information appears in Ye Chen's retina.

Ye Chen looked at CHUANNING's boxing talent, and he couldn't help laughing, thinking that there was always such a talent.

Without much thought, he copied CHUANNING's boxing talent.

"You have been on the 33rd floor of Wuta for ten days. I admire you very much. Congratulations on setting a permanent record for Wuyuan pagoda, but..."

CHUANNING suddenly looked cold, "I just don't believe it."

Listening to CHUANNING's words, all the freshmen in the square were shocked. They opened their eyes several times as much as before.

"You don't agree." Ye Chen's face showed a touch of doubt, "go to the 33rd floor of Wuta and stay for ten days. What does it have to do with me?"

When this was said, all the freshmen in the square could not help laughing.

Hearing this, CHUANNING looked even more frigid!

"I'm going to fight you. If you lose, you'll give up the name of the first day of the martial arts academy!"

CHUANNING stares at Ye Chen, and he wants to know if ye Chen dare to agree. Recently, it has been said that the martial arts academy has developed a unique talent, such as God. The words of ten days' Cultivation on the thirty third floor of Wuta can not be heard.

All the students, even the tutors, felt that ye was the first genius of the Academy.

Benchuan, a genius, can't fight with nature.

"Fight me?" Leaf dust a smile, "do you deserve?"


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