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Chapter 363 Beat Twinings

 Ye Chen's face was as calm as water. Looking at the gaping CHUANNING not far away, he said slowly:

"I said that you are not worthy to fight with me. Why don't you believe it?"

CHUANNING smell speech gnashing teeth up, he looked at the leaf dust, "it is not over yet!"

Sound falls, CHUANNING erect fist, a fist again toward leaf dust to fight over.

"Dragon impact!"

Just listen to CHUANNING a big drink, a terrible black dragon burst out from CHUANNING's fist.

What ye Chen didn't expect was that CHUANNING had the advanced martial arts skills of the ground level.


What can the advanced martial arts skills of the earth rank count for in front of him now?

But only see: leaf dust up a finger, on the finger flash thunder.


Suddenly, the finger fell.

A lightning force, toward the Dragon phantom flying past.

When the power of thunder and lightning collide with the phantom of dragon, the phantom of dragon disappears instantly, while the power of thunder and lightning continues to move towards CHUANNING.

CHUANNING was stunned, and he found that he could not escape the thunder and lightning.

The students in the square watched the attack go towards CHUANNING, and all of them stepped back a few steps. The more frightened they were, the more frightened they were.

The power of thunder and lightning?

Naturally, it's a combination of thunder and electricity.

"My life is dead!"

CHUANNING gulps and he closes his eyes.

He just appeared in front of him.

This is a young man. He is very handsome. He puts up a finger and lightly touches the force of thunder and lightning, and the power of thunder and lightning disappears.

Youth is no other than ye Chen.

He didn't want to kill CHUANNING. He was never a man who liked to kill, provided he didn't get angry.

CHUANNING swallowed his saliva. He opened his eyes, and his face was full of horror.

"I think you know the gap between us." Ye Chen looks at CHUANNING, his face is still calm as water.

CHUANNING smell speech slightly handsome face appeared a touch suddenly, a few seconds later his mouth showed a wry smile.

"I see."

CHUANNING was not convinced that ye Chen had taken the name of the first genius of his martial arts academy, but now he knows that ye Chen is so terrible.

With that, CHUANNING left the freshman's Hospital in a daze.


At this time, the square issued deafening applause.

"Ye Ge Niu Qiang!"

"Ye Ge, I will give you a monkey."

"Ye Ge is one of the most terrifying geniuses I have ever seen."

Such a scene, although Ye Chen has seen many times, but he knows that only strength can make people respect and frighten.

If he has no strength, he is nothing.

Whether in China or in the nebula continent, it is the same.

The president and the teachers of the Academy of martial arts looked at such a scene from afar, and they all showed a wry smile.

"I really don't understand why such a genius appears in the land of angry sea."

Dean Lin Teng you you said.

After defeating CHUANNING, ye Chen did not stay in the square for long. He went to the secluded woods and came to the shabby thatched cottage.

Xue Shan was sitting at the outer door in the sun with nothing to do. When he saw the dust coming, he quickly got up from the stool.

"Master, you are here."

"Master Xue, I've just registered with the pharmacists' Association to become a first-class pharmacist."

Ye Chen said to Xue Shan that he and Xue Shan are calling each other's predecessors, which is nothing to say.


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