I Copy Talents | Chapter 381 | Xueshan Exits

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Chapter 381 Xueshan Exits

 "Yes, I have succeeded in practice."

Ye Chen suddenly said to Dean Lin Teng.

Lin Teng was stunned. After a long time, he came back from his astonishment.

"What do you say?" Dean Lin Teng looks at Ye Chen.

"It's done." Ye Chen said lightly.

Lin Teng, the Dean, sighed, "Ye Chen, although your talent is really terrible, you are also the favored son of heaven who has never appeared in the angry sea, but how can you dislike the intermediate martial arts skills of heaven level?"

Ye Chen heard some helpless, thinking of telling the truth, how can the president not believe it.

However, after thinking about it, he was relieved. After all, in a few seconds, he succeeded in cultivating the intermediate martial arts skills of Tianjie. No one would believe it.

"Take it, ye Chen."

Dean Lin Teng said to Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen was helpless, "Dean, do you not believe that I have successfully practiced tiancanlingbu?"

"Nature." Dean Lin Teng firmly nodded.

"Then I have to use tiancanlingbu in front of you." Ye Chen said.

Lin Teng, the president of the school, was stunned when he heard the speech. Did ye Chen really practice tiancanlingbu?


It's impossible!

Lin Teng felt that even if ye Chen broke the sky, he didn't believe Ye Chen had succeeded in tiancanlingbu.

Ye Chen didn't continue to speak. He directly urged the intermediate skill of Tianchan lingbu.

I saw only a shadow left in place, as fast as the wind.


Dean Lin Teng stepped back three steps. His old face was shocked. Even if he wanted to break his head, he couldn't believe it. Ye Chen actually used tiancanlingbu.

"This, this, this..."

Lin Teng, the president of the school, was stunned. He looked at Ye Chen and wanted to get an answer from ye Chen's mouth.

"In fact." After ye Chen thought for a while, "it's nothing to be surprised about. It's just how much time it takes to cultivate a Tian level intermediate martial skill."

President Lin Teng heard this, almost a mouthful of old blood spurted out.

He thought Ye Chen looked down on tiancanlingbu before, but now it seems that he is not only wrong, but also wrong so thoroughly.

"Ye Chen, your talent is really terrible!"

Dean Lin Teng swallows a mouth to spit, say to leaf dust.

Ye Chen thinks that in a few seconds, he has become an intermediate martial arts skill of Tian can lingbu. Lin Teng, the president of the school, will say a lot of words, which is really normal.

"Dean, I have to see Master Xue now."

"Go ahead."

The leaf dust uses the tiancanlingbu, and quickly arrives at the secluded forest.

Before long, the dust of the leaves came to the secluded woods.

He found that Xue Shan had not yet come out of the shabby thatched cottage, so he sat outside.

Ye Chen remembers that he was a bit reckless. In case the Dan Wang Yunhe knew that master Xue was here, what would happen? Needless to say, he knew.

These days, leaf dust has been waiting here.

Ten days later.


Only the sound of an explosion appeared, and the dilapidated thatched cottage had been blown to pieces.

"Ha ha, I'm back to the top at last!"

Xue Shan's voice came to Ye Chen's ears.

Ye Chen hears the speech and looks at Xue Shan.

"Name: Xue Shan."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: Fire talent, refining medicine talent."

"Realm: a star wars king."


The most important thing is that Xue Shan is a fifth level pharmacist!


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